Thursday, March 10, 2016

Practice what you preach!

Oh gosh - now I've really got and done it!

I was selected to teach a class and TWO lectures at Quilt Canada 2016 from June 15 - 18. Check out this link to get more details.  It really is going to be a super show.  And I've also done my part and I've signed up to volunteer.  I'm going to be a scribe for the judges. If you have never done this task - you are missing an amazing opportunity to learn.  What details make one quilt win over another?  This is the place to learn.  You are a silent note taker, but my ears and eyes are constantly on the prowl for every tidbit I can glean!  I also volunteered for take-down.  No one likes that job - it is thankless, but someone has to do it. If you can - volunteer. The link is on the same page as the workshops/lectures (the link above).   Come on out - it will loads of fun!!!!!

I just got notified that my lectures and my class are a go.  Enough people have signed up and I'm thrilled and thankful that people want to come hear me speak and take my class.  To all of you who have signed up - I truly thank you!  I promise to entertain you!

There are a lot of awesome classes.   Seriously - check it out!

And how is this for planning - the submission deadline for teaching for 2017 is MONDAY!   I already have a slate that I'm prepping the blurbs for and will be submitting it this weekend.  But if there is something in particular - let me know. I'll see if it fits in.

OK - so here's the rub!  One of my lectures is on Organizing Your Studio!   Thankfully my blurb says - WE all have a problem with clutter!   Why?  Have a look at this...............

My goodness - some of those surfaces are unrecognisable!!!!  

The cutting table

The ironing board

The end of the sewing table

But there is room to sew!

One of the work tables

The other

The floor!!!!

I'm happy to report that these pictures were taken several days ago and the place does look better.  Not hugely better, but actually it does look better.  I've got loads of stories, tips and ideas and perhaps a few surprises for my lecture.  It is two hours and I want people to go home inspired and fired up!!!!   I can't wait!!!!

I had some people over last night for a meeting and we didn't even dare go downstairs.  But you know how it is - to clean up a mess, you have to make a bigger one to clean up the mess.  I'm revamping, moving stuff around and I think it's going to work just fine!

I'm also happy to report that I made awesome progress on the magazine quilt. The rows are completed and in pairs and now just to sew the pairs of rows together.  There are about 13 long seams and I think the top is complete.  Yeah!!!! I have a meeting this morning, I better get doodling some quilting ideas because come Sunday - that quilt has to be on the long-arm.

Work is pretty exciting these days.  Trying to get all the quilts designed and prepped for Spring Market in May. I have 10 that I designed and will be using in my presentation.  It's a shame that none of them will be hanging in the booth - but that is the way it goes.  It's a long complicated story that I won't get into.  However, I will be able to use these 10 quilts in classes (OH - maybe that could be one class for Quilt Canada 2017?????)   No - but it would make an awesome lecture.   OK - one more lecture blurb to prep.

Let's just say that I am LOVING EQ7.   Seriously I could NOT do my job without it.  It is so much fun designing quilts with virtual fabric.  I wonder why I waited so long to learn that part of it.  I still have a couple more quilts to design - OH crude - there is always another quilt to design and now that I have magazine fever - well I'll be doing a lot more.  One must be careful because if the design is a go - you must write the pattern and that is a very labor intensive process.  But I'm good at it!

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have a great day!!


(PS - don't forget to check out those workshops/lectures!!!!   Especially my two lectures - you will be sorry if you don't!


  1. I am signed up for to of your lectures.

    1. Hi Debra - that is awesome and thank you so much! Make sure you come up and introduce yourself! It's always nice to put a face to a name. Elaine