Sunday, March 20, 2016

Lancaster Quilt Show Day Four

I guess I could have called this post - The Long Way HOME!

Anyway, as is the norm, the show was a bit slower on the last day than the other days, but there was a steady stream of people and each one of us in the booth had a job, so it wasn't that easy to get away.  I never did make it to the second floor to see those quilts. Sorry Pat!

I was showing how to print labels on an inkjet printer, but not just any old label - no I was showing people how to print a label inside a preprinted label.

Just like these ones which I copied from Northcott's website.

I have to say that my demo was very well received. And many people took the handout that I had prepared. No worries - that handout will soon be available on our website or I'll make sure that I have some with me. I must have said that spiel thousands of times! But as I said - it was well received.

Shirley was there with her fabric touch test which is really interesting. She had six different manufacturers' black fabric. They were secretly labelled and we had consumers touch the fabrics and rank them to see which ones they liked the best.  I'll go into more detail later. Rich was getting people to sign up for our free consumer newsletter (full of quilting tips, free patterns and other educational materials) and they could then spin our wheel to get a fabric freebie!   People LOVE our wheel.  I hear Wheel of Fortune over and over.  Next time, I'm dressing in a gown just like Vanna White!

All in all - it was a great day.  I did run around and do a bit of shopping before everything shut down and I chatted with another designer.

Then it was time to pack up - the show closed at 4 PM. Shirley and I left at 5:30. Rich was still waiting in line to get to the door to load his car, but he said he could manage it on his own. And I had a long drive ahead of me.

My plan was to drive so far and then stop for the night and get up early and drive home. However - the best plans just never work out!

I was doing just fine until about 10:30 PM.  Of course, I'm on some TurnPike in Pennsylvania and there are no hotels around. So I pulled into a rest stop. Could not figure out how to recline my seat - no I wasn't that tired - just brain dead!  Fortunately, I had M's quilt with minky on the back (I had taken it with me in hopes of getting some of the binding stitched down - that didn't happen). But the quilt was warm. Because the stupid temperature was below zero and it got cold in the car!

After a half hour nap - I was good to go. I got about another 50 KM and decided to try and find a hotel.  Ah - there is a Travelodge - I'll go there.  All the while, I'm thinking about Shirley who checks out the bedbug report on any hotel before she goes in. Well, this hotel was way up on a hill - it was really weird and when I went in - there was no room!   Crap. Went down the hill and no left turn to go to the others, so back onto the TurnPike and let's just keep driving.

I did stop one more time and did manage to figure out how to recline the seat.  HEY - how many times do you recline your seat!   I thought it was really neat because at one point we went through a tunnel that went right through a mountain.   What you can't go over - you can go through!!!!   Just did a quick google search and looks like an interesting story about the Turnpike in PA.    Too bad it was dark when I went through that area.  Road trip!!!!

LeHigh Tunnel

Anyway, this time, I slept for almost an hour and I was toasty warm with the quilt, but eventually it was the cold that woke me up.  I did have a whole lot of quilts in the car, but too lazy to dig them all out.

Back on the road.  Then just before the border into NY state, there was a Tim's.  Whoa - where did that come from?  I stopped in, got something to eat and I was back in the car. Of course, the closer I got to home, the better I felt.

No big deal to cross the border - no wait - well I did have to wait as I arrived at the border just as the shift changed at 3 AM and I got a big STOP with the lady's hand as she walked away from the booth.

One last stop for gas and then I was home by 4 AM.  I know - don't ask me why - but that's the story!

It was good to wake up at home rather than having to drive home this morning.

It's been a busy day today, but I think I might need to have a nap before I go to bed!

On that note - have a great day what's left of it!!!!


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