Tuesday, March 8, 2016


There is nothing like a deadline to get your creative juices flowing!

Work is overflowing with deadlines and don't talk to me about e-mail.  I'm really really trying to keep ahead of it all.   I'm doing OK, but it's amazing how quickly the messages amass in the in-box. And I don't really want my day to be dictated by my in-box, but some days that is exactly what happens.  No wonder we never have time for anything else!  I've been slowly unsubscribing from stuff at home. It's amazing how many subscriptions you get, many of them I'm no longer interested in.  And I've had a few where it has taken a couple of unsubscribes to get rid of it!

I'm hard at work on a quilt that is being submitted to a magazine. The quilt has already been accepted based on the EQ7 design that I submitted.  Thankfully it isn't too complicated and I made good progress on it already this morning.  I shall try to eek out a couple of hours at work to get more done and then I'm making a second one with slightly different fabric - just in case I like that one better.  I know - I'm a nut.  There isn't a lot of time - this needs to be at the publisher's office by March 18.  Let's NOT look at the calendar!!!!

And then once I'm back from Lancaster, I have TWO more items to be submitted to another magazine.  Let's not forget about the stuff for work!   It's all for fun though!

I do manage to get some customer quilting done and here's a runner that I did.

Customer runner - DONE!

I hope to get one more done before I leave - let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

And in case you didn't see Lexi's blog yesterday - well Lexi is Lexi.  She's in trouble AGAIN!

Have a great day!


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