Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lancaster Quilt Show - Day One

Wow - what a day!!!!   We knew this show was going to be a lot different from QUILTCON and it is.  There is a much different feel to it.

We arrived at the booth in advance, but by the time we got everything organized - the signs up and all the materials out - there wasn't time to walk around.  And I found out that there are quilts on TWO floors, not just the floor that we are on. And yes Pat - I will try today to get those pictures you want!

The main show floor is a bit weird as we are in a hotel ballroom and part of it is quite dark and when you pass into the other area, the change in lighting is pretty significant. We are in a bit of a different area so our lighting isn't bad.

We spent a good part of the day with a steady stream of people coming to our booth.  We have our spin the wheel for a fabric prize, I did my demo and handed out instructions for printing labels on fabric and Shirley did the fabric touch test. It was a great day and we got to meet many people.  

There was the bus load of quilters from Peterborough/Thousand Island area.  We had great fun talking to them - well I did. And hello to Mary! who sent some of  them looking for me specifically.

I did  manage to sneak out of the booth and went to a couple of booths.  I told Shirley that she better hang onto my credit card. Which I will NOT do as she would keep it and not give it back to me no matter how much I begged so that won't work.  I can't tell you what I bought because it would incriminate me since I'm working in the Northcott booth!!!!

I have to say the most interesting part of the day was after the show.  Shirley and I went on an adventure. You see, Shirley is the Northcott sales rep for this area so she knows her way around and knows the stores.   OH MY GOD - we went to Burkholder's.  Which is way out in the country  -way out in Amish country on a farm.
Burkholder Fabrics

I can't even begin to describe the inside of this MASSIVE store. It's just MASSIVE.   There are bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric.  The shelves are tightly packed and the young girl who works there - Destiny - she knows where EVERY bolt is located.  You ask for this or that - and she responds - Aisle 2 near the middle, top shelf!!!!!   Wow - pretty amazing.  Thanks to Shirley, they stock a lot of Northcott fabric. They advertise 30,000 bolts - owned by a man whom I  met.

I did buy a couple of things and when I was finished paying, I remembered that Shirley gave me a coupon for 15% which I had forgotten to use.  Oh well - wouldn't have amounted to a whole lot, but still!!!

Then we did the most amazing thing - we visited a couple of retreat houses.  Both of the ones we visited had quilters in them so we poked around and chatted to the quilters and these places were out of this world.   Houses that were obviously made for a LARGE family - a VERY large family and they were amazing.  I chatted up a storm with all the retreat goers and had a blast.   If I had of known that we were going, I would have taken Northcott samples with me.  Next time!!!!!  Will have to start toting the darn things with me everywhere!

A serious kitchen
All I can say is this is a SERIOUS kitchen and it is one of THREE in this particular house.  Need I say more!!!!

By the time we left the last house, it was late.  We then went for dinner at a local diner where we both had omelets!!!   Yeh - pretty crazy.  I got back to the hotel at 10:30 PM!!!!   So much for having a bit of free time. I've been running since I got here!!!!   And tonight is going to be the same!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. I would have like to join the group from TIQG but it was not to be. Maybe next year. Glad they met you!

    1. Too bad Mary - would have been fun to see you!!! There is always another show!!!

  2. I am organizing a trip next year for 7 Dutch ladies to the 2017 Lancaster PA quiltshow. Looking forward to read all about this year's show on your blog!

    1. Yvonne - you will have a load of fun. There is so much so see and we are stuck in our booth so I'm not the best resource of information! Don't forget that the local quilt shops are also open later in the evening during the show.