Friday, April 13, 2018

Caring for others

I haven’t mentioned the terrible crash that happened one week ago. But it’s been on all of our minds over the past week. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief and the mental anguish that has been suffered by so many.

We saw the call for the quilts (based on Broncos colours) that was put on the internet earlier this week. After poking around, I see they are looking for 200 quilts.  Oh boy - those local guilds are in for a big surprise. They are going to get way more than 200 quilts. At our retreat, four of us made three quilts. And I know there are many more coming from all corners of the world.

As a lesson learned from the Canada’s Big Sewing bee last year where quilts wee made fo the Ronald McDonald houses, it is better to donate a finished quilt than blocks or even tops.

We had stopped at Fabicland to buy a suitable backing and we found something with Canadian motifs on it. After I had checked out, I was wandering in the store looking for Ronda and I found a white flannel with hockey sticks on it. I didn’t buy it, but it was in the back of my mind.

We got the top sewn together yesterday and it’s posted on Facebook. REmember I’m on the iPad and it has it’s limitations as far as blogging goes. We decided to go back and I was getting the white flannel cut (white is NOT my choice of backing, but the theme was appropriate) and next thing you know, there is Susan with a hockey themed green and gold fleece!!!  We bought what was left on the bolt and there should be enough to back two quilts.

I should mention that while we were at Fabicland, a man came in looking for green ribbon. He had on a hockey jersey and I suspected the jersey was in support of jersey day (again for the Humboldt Broncos) as was the ribbon. He had a small piece cut which Fabicland charged him for  (.17 cents) - I don’t think the ladies at Fabicland had any clue about why he was buying the ribbon or why we were buying the hockey fabric. He wanted to know how to make a bow to wear on his lapel. I showed him how and then he wanted a pin. At least some staff member tied to find him a safety pin, but then we spotted pins (Canada flag) on his lapel and Ronda used that to attach the ribbon to his lapel. I grabbed a pair of scissors to trim off the ends of his ribbon and he was good to go. We showed him that we were making quilts as our means of supporting the hockey world.

We are all one big team and it’s great when we all play for the same side!!!  My heart breaks for all those families/friends impacted. Our few quilts are our way of supporting the cause.

My long arm is supposed to arrive today and I hope to get it back in operation for next week.

I’m off to work today.  I’m working at the CreativFestival and will be in the Husqvarna booth or the Pfaff booth so if you’re going, be sure to stop by and say hi!!!!  I hope to be back at the retreat tomorrow night!!!!!  I made good progress on my quilt once I started to sew (at almost noon!) and hate to leave but that’s the way the ball bounces!!!  Sorry for any typos - I can’t scroll back up to fix them. Darn iPad!!!!

Have a great day!!!