Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pandora's box

 I seem to be running around these days. It was sale day at The Hobby Horse yesterday (and again today - 30% off the fabric on the bolt) and I helped out for the day. I used to work in the store, but it's been a long, long time since I cut fabric all day. It was loads of fun and got to see a lot of familiar faces. BUT I was exhausted when I got home. I don't think I even got a chance to open my book before I was out!

Today, I'm teaching a class on machine quilting.

I have a few spare minutes this morning so I thought I would share with you what was in that box I posted the other day.

Pandora's box
Rightfully, the box should be called Joan's box because it was given to me by Judy, who is Joan's daughter.

At a guild show many years ago, I was admiring a beautiful log cabin quilt - speaking of log cabin quilts, I should mention my guild presentation the other night. I was the guest speaker at my own guild. I've wanted to do a presentation on log cabin quilts forever because I love them (the log cabin quilts that is). I pulled quilts from my own quilt stash and members brought in their quilts and we had a wonderful showing of log cabin quilts. I think I might add that to my lecture list!!!

So, as I was digging through my quilts and my UFOs, I came across this box. Now back to my story - I was admiring this log cabin quilt owned by Judy. She said her Mom (Joan) had made it. Actually, she had made several. She had one partially made but would never finish it. Did I want it? STOP!!!  Of course, I would love to have the partially completed quilt.

I'm embarrassed to say that was years ago and the box was very nicely tucked away in a corner and has NOT been touched since Judy gave it to me. Joan has since passed away and well - I don't want this to get passed along to someone because I never finished it.

I showed the box to the Durham Trillium guild during my presentation on scrap quilts and I showed it to the Mississauga Guild when I did the log cabin presentation. Do you want to see what's in the box?

Well, there are some strips of fabric and there's another box.

Inside the bigger box is a smaller box

And inside the smaller box is a TREASURE!!!!!  There are LOTS and LOTS of partially completed scrappy log cabin blocks.

Lots and lots of partially completed log cabin blocks

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about this project.  Look at how tiny those little logs are. The logs finish at 1/4".  They are NOT paper pieced.

Scrappy log cabin blocks

I guess I have found my next project and it's certainly not on the 2018 UFO list.  But as I was prepping for the log cabin presentation, a few other things happened. I don't have time to share today, but I will next week. Here's the thing that I realized. I love scrap quilts. I love log cabins. So why am I not working on some of these projects that I own? Instead, I'm all over the place.  Making stuff for classes and because others are making them. I'm not being true to myself and doing the kinds of quilts that I LOVE!!!!  Well, that's not entirely true because I do love what I'm working on - it just seems like I don't have time (or make time) to sew those scrappy fun quilts!!!   Got to rethink my schedule.

Let's just say that the Pandora log cabin box is in my retreat bag. That bag is almost full!!!!  I think I won't run out of things to do. This log cabin is going to take a while!  I've no idea how many blocks are started.

Today was the last weigh-in for the challenge. Oh boy - how quickly that weight can go back on. I did manage to bring my weight to my target point. But it took only eating a few extra calories every day for ONE WEEK to pack on 2 pounds. The big question now is going to find a happy medium to stabilize it.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. The program at the Guild Thursday night was amazing. It is so wonderful to see the works of your fellow members and see how professional they all are as compared to the speakers who get paid good money and their work is no more amazing. Was a wonderful show Elaine and your presentation was great, knowing the story of each of the approx 50 quilts shown. I really enjoyed it as did anyone sitting near me.
    Pat C

    1. Pat -- thank you for your wonderful comments!! I had a lot of fun and it was so nice to use the guild members quilts as part of the presentation. So glad that you enjoyed it!! Elaine (and thanks for bringing in your amazing pineapple quilt!)

  2. I love log cabin quilts and as soon as I can finish a couple of UFOs I'll start cutting fabrics for another one. Have you seen Judy Martin's book Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts? It's fabulous! Love those teeny tiny blocks, what a treasure you inherited.

    1. Heidi - oh yes - I have Judy's book and YES - I want to make some of them!!!! Thanks for the comment and I'll keep you up to date as I play with my treasure.