Thursday, April 5, 2018


Hm - I'm not supposed to be prepping more stuff and by prepping, I mean cutting new projects. I'm supposed to be clearing stuff up! Here's the thing - I'm off to two sewing retreats this month. I know - don't judge me on that!  It was the only time we could book the dates. And while I already have stuff cut and ready to sew, I also have stuff that needs to be prepped for my upcoming classes and so I had better make sure that I'm ready as I won't have tons of time at home to get the sewing done.

I got two table runners cut this morning and FOUR more to cut later this morning. Then a quick look into the project boxes that were pulled off the shelf in preparation for the retreats to make sure that everything is good to go and I'll be set for the retreats and for the classes. I had a peek into one box that was on the sewing table this morning and yes - everything is prepped and ready to go so it's now in the retreat bag. There's only going to be ONE bag. I swear!

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked yesterday. Had something to do with napping and a book. Oh god - what's the matter with me? No deadline - ZERO pressure to perform!

However, I did make great headway on my TrendTex challenge and I hope to have the top completed today. Then it just needs to be quilted and bound. It's due on Sunday. BUT I have a guild meeting, a day of work outside the house and a class on Saturday so there isn't a whole lot of time to get it finished. And there's one more challenge that has a looming date! OK -- better get myself organized for that deadline.

Speaking of table runners, I do have all the pictures edited for the homework for the table runner class and those will be posted tomorrow morning.

I did a wee bit more prep for the pixel quilt. I'm not cutting huge quantities at this point in the project, but I still want to have a variety of fabric. I have a few strips of background cut from various fabrics and as I run out of squares for a particular fabric, I cut more of that one.

More background squares for the pixel quilt
 And I got some greens cut for the leaves. Again, I don't want to cut tons of the green - although any leftovers are going to a good project which I've already started and I'm sure I shared it with you. Well, I'll share again when the apple quilt is completed.

Green squares for the pixel quilt
 Here's my little bag of squares. OK - looking at this little bag, it doesn't look like nearly enough to make 3 big blocks and 4 half blocks. I guess I'll be cutting some more. But I've enough for the next block for sure.

Squares for the next block
 You know how we put off cleaning the iron. I had noticed that it was getting a wee bit grubby. Well, I had no choice after this happened. The backing came off the circle and stuck to the iron. Time to get out the iron cleaner.

Oops - that wasn't supposed to happen
 But look!  It's beautiful and clean now!!!!  Then I pressed the fabric for the two table runners and cut that.  Yeah!

Nice and clean now

You know that I'm working o the 150 Canadian Women quilt. Technically, a red and white sampler. Someone told me about another red/white quilt yesterday and the link came up in my newsfeed this morning. It's gorgeous. But NO - this isn't even on my radar screen, although it's beautiful.
It's called Scarlet Sampler and is a raffle quilt for Nebraska State Quilt Guild. A lot of the states (all of the states???) hold a statewide quilt show which is kind of cool. That would be fun to go to. Must do some research.

On that note, I'm out of here. Lots to do today including a class on English Paper Piecing and I have to finish getting my presentation ready for this evening. The topic is Log Cabins quilts at the Mississauga Quilters Guild. It's going to be an amazing show.

Have a great day1!!!


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