Monday, April 2, 2018

I survived Easter brunch

No, this blog is not going to focus on food. I'll briefly tell you about my brunch experience and then we're back to quilting!

So there's this huge spread of buffet tables. A seafood and fancy meats (I'll pass on that one), an omelet table (yes), salads (hmm, none of them look low fat at all - pass), the veggies - yes, the pasta table - pass, the meat table - yes, the dessert table - of course - YES!!!  In all, I had one omelet with some bacon, ham, a wee bit of salmon, some green beans, potatoes, fruit and three small desserts. Four plates. I was full, BUT not stuffed when we were done. I was NOT hungry at all for the rest of the day. But finally, at 7 PM I decided to have a small salad because I was getting a headache.

Lessons learned from the day? I did NOT overeat on my calories for the day. YES, you can eat at a buffet and still watch what you eat. It's probably easier than ordering a la carte. Portion size, please!! No alcohol. It's NOT good to eat the total daily calories at one sitting. While I wasn't hungry, my brain fancied a wee snack in the afternoon. I pushed those thoughts away because it was just a MENTAL NEED versus want! 

Now back to quilting. The next block - number eleven is done on the pixel quilt. The three blocks are sewn together, but not to the big section yet. But wait until tomorrow - there's more!!!

Pixel quilt

I got all 36 blocks of this quilt sewn together. Then as I was thinking about it and knowing that I'm going to put a black 1st border on the quilt, I'm thinking I should NOT have put any black around the perimeter of the quilt. Some days, my brain works well and some days it does not. That means there are FIVE blocks that should be repositioned. I'll put it up on the design wall and see what we can do without having to do a major rip job. I know it's not necessary. This isn't a show quilt, it's not an heirloom, but I know that it would better if no black were on the perimeter. The black will bleed into the border. Perhaps, I'll cut the black border strips and put them against the quilt to see if it makes any difference. Then I'll decide.

Fickle Pickle - blocks are together

Then it was time to get the 6 blocks for today's sewing together for 150 Canadian Women. Here are the 6 from last week. I'm not sure where I am with the numbers. I've got the next 6 cut and I'll update the tally tomorrow. But progress is being made. I'm getting excited to move on, but at the same time, I'll be glad when the blocks are completed. I'm getting tired!

Six more blocks for 150 Canadian Women
Here's the quilt book that I'm reading right now. I LOVE this book. The quilts are super simple but very effective (most of them). There are a couple that I'd love to find a similar fabric - it's all Japanese and not sure that anyone sells this style of Japanese fabric. But I'm game to try with something else. They're just simple and I love simple!!

East-Meets-West Quilts by Patricia Belyea
On Saturday, I did pop down to the birding store that I found online and found myself a beautiful windchime. There were quite a few in the store and all tuned to specific notes. Some were big, some were tinkling bells. I got a medium sized one and I LOVE IT!!!

Wind chime back in the gazebo

Isn't that gorgeous?

The name of the store that I found is Urban Nature Store.  They had all kinds of cool backyard stuff and they had gorgeous Charlie Harper puzzles. I was tempted, but I didn't. Anyway, if you're in the area and looking for cool backyard stuff - check them out. 

I've got a couple of URGENT e-mails to send out this morning before I walk the girls and then leave. I'd better get that done!!!

But let me leave you with this quilting link. More quilts and fashion.  The dress is really cool and has some neat elements in it that would be perfect for a modern quilt. But read the article to see where the influence came from. 

On that note, have a great day!!!!


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