Sunday, April 1, 2018

Grand Opening

Let's see, it wasn't a very productive day for me yesterday. Matter of fact, I barely did any sewing or quilting. But I'm OK with that. It happens some days. What did irk me is that I "wasted" a lot of time messing around with videos on my iPad. But it was one of those restless days when I wasn't happy doing anything.

Now here's a weird fact. You know that weighted blankets have become a trend for people with Hmm - I want to say that's its Autism? Just checked that link and yes it's Autism. I believe the blankets are also used for stress and anxiety.

I find that when I have restlessness, one of my legs, not both, but just one gets fidgety. It drives me crazy. I have the perfect solution. I have a rather large quilt and didn't know what to do with it. It got folded in four and placed on the end of the bed. Now I sleep under those FOUR quilt layers, PLUS a duvet and I sleep amazingly well. I know - that sounds like a LOT of weight, but I just love the weight of all of that on me and I need it for the warmth. I'm so cold!  Let's just say that there's so much weight on my legs that my leg can't fidget!!!!

I'm going to write two posts this morning - there's a lot to share and I'll post my weigh-in story separate.

I attended the Grand Opening of Oh Look Fabric! in Milton yesterday. I ran into some new friends and some that I've known for years. Had a couple of consults with students and bought a wee bit of fabric. I also broke down and had a piece of cake! Why not?

The ribbon cutting ceremony
 The Mayor of Milton was out to cut the ribbon. He's been doing this for a long time and is quite the character. No, you can't see me in the photo above. But if you look real close, the only spot of orange amongst the people is my shoulder!!!   There were several cameras and well, I was looking at a different one than the one that took this picture!!! 

Here's the cake cutting ceremony. Those boys sure wanted cake and that little guy in the orange had no problem volunteering that he was the BEST of the three. You know what means?

Cake cutting ceremony

I'll be teaching more classes at the store in the next coming weeks, nothing complicated so if you know someone who wants to learn to sew or learn how to paper piece or English paper piecing, then I'd call the store to sign up! The classes are always fun. And don't forget to check out the fabrics. They are quite different from most shops around and lots of fun!

Then I was back home where I sewed a wee bit on the Fickle Pickle quilt. But I got my act together this morning and the bottom 2/3 is completely sewn together and two of the three "blocks" in the top row are together.

Blocks are almost sewn together

I haven't figured out the borders yet. I think I'm going to wait until I have a bit more time to figure it out. Let's not forget that I have that challenge that needs to be put together. When I was digging through the piles of stuff on the work tables, I came across something that I remembered I wanted for an upcoming trunk show. The trunk show is at the Durham Trillium Quilters' Guild. It's on Tuesday night, April 3. The topic is scrap quilts.

No worries, the top is encased in these two boxes. I think I'll be busy this afternoon. It can be done The blocks are together, they just need to be sewn together and NO borders.

Urgent project to sew!
This is one of my UFOs for 2018 so it's all good.

I managed to get a wee bit more done on the pixel block as well. Shouldn't be a problem to get this block completed, but let's not forget that I haven't even touched the Monday sewing bag in getting it prepped for tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day!

Pixel block number eleven

I did manage to finish one project yesterday. While I was messing with the videos on my iPad, I managed to clip the cat mat. It's been washed and looks slightly wet in this picture. That's because I pulled it out of the dryer to take a picture!!!

Finished raggy cat mat

Some cat is going to have a heyday with that thing!

And now to freeze my butt off at the dog park. Is it ever going to warm up? Then I'll write my other post for today - the pant story!

Have a great day!!!


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