Monday, April 30, 2018

Motivational Monday update

The first four months of the year are almost over and I was having a look at my Task Master. Hmm - we have had quite the chat over the last couple of days. I have my UFO list from 2017 and there are still some outstanding projects on that list. And then there is the list for 2018. Still lots of projects on that list. It's time for some action here!

I've been getting oodles of stuff done - just not what I wanted to get done. Not that it matters because there is no deadline for these projects, but wouldn't it feel great to get them out of the way? Don't get me wrong - I'm not upset because I haven't been working on those UFOs, but I like setting goals and checking things off. I just get distracted - easily! I already have 30 completely finished items for this year - not too shabby and there are a number of items that just need binding and they will be added to that list.

It's time to focus and get some of those UFOs DONE!!  Because there is a whole pile more waiting to be worked on. Plus adding some new stuff as well. 

So this is what I've been working on.......

This project is on the list for 2018. It's called Night Sky by JayBird Quilts. It was a class a long, long time ago.

The pattern for Night Sky by Jaybird Quilts

I actually took this to the retreat with me. When I opened up the box, there was a huge chunk of black, some uncut strips of the blue (four of them), some strips of orange and some strips of purple.

Fabric that still needs to be cut
There was ONE green block (two halves) completed and lots of bits and pieces of the green that needed to be assembled. I really hate finding a project in this state because I had to spend a bit of time figuring out where I needed to start. But once I got going, I got a lot done on the last day of the retreat. A LOT!

But back home and there's a sit n sew day. I might as well keep working on this and let's try to get it done!!!!

I sewed all day yesterday with the sewing ladies. I took pictures and will share them later. After they left, I had two blocks left to sew. I was tempted to leave them for today, but then it was like I was at the retreat. Set those goals. Just a few more seams and VOILA - I was completely finished with the purple and the green.

Purple and green half blocks - DONE
Here is one of the purple blocks which is made up of two block halves.

One of the purple blocks

Those blocks in the photo above are actually two block halves folded together to make one block. If you count, there are more green than purple?  I'm not sure why that happened and I had to piece two of the diamonds in order to finish the green blocks. I'm OK with that.

I need 40 block halves in total in order to make a lap size quilt. You know me - I think there will enough of the blocks to make two quilts. Why or why do I do that???

Rose almost died yesterday when she saw me pressing the blocks. Yep - those seams are pressed OPEN!!!
Seams pressed open
I know, but it's going to make everything lie a bit flatter with all those points. Every once in a while, I listen to the pattern designer.

When I was taking a break from sewing last night, I decided that this would be the perfect project to bring to Monday. So the black got cut. Not sure if I will need more, but I sub-cut all the strips that were already cut.

Black is cut
 Then I needed some color so all the orange got cut.

Orange is cut
 And this is what I'll be sewing today. After I get my 150 Canadian Women blocks sewn which I cut out this morning.

The orange blocks are ready for sewing today

I feel very accomplished and really, if I focus a wee bit more, I should be able to whip through some of those UFOs pretty quickly. I was working on another one early in the morning and it's almost done so I'll show you that when it's done. It's in the Task Master to get done this week, along with the tasks for the Night Sky pattern.

I mentioned that I had to clear the tables for the sit n sew day. What to do with all that stuff? Shove it in the corner - that's what!!!

A tad untidy!

The rest of the space is in good shape so I don't feel too bad and some of this is just unpacking from the classes and retreat. I'm going to chisel away at it this week after I'm tired of sewing on that Night Sky project.

How is everyone else making out with their UFOs? I know some haven't made a list, but are whittling away at the mental list they have made. It doesn't matter - as long as we are trying to get those UFOs done. I know I have to make a physical list because I'll forget and it's easy to push them out of our mind! I'm determined to get them done - both last year and this year! It's going to happen.

Remember it's your progress and if that's only one UFO for the entire year, that's OK. No need to be crazy about all this - sewing is supposed to be our hobby, not our nightmare. I just don't want my hobby (mess) to become someone else's nightmare when I'm gone.

On that note, I'm out of here. Got to get ready for another day of sewing and then it's back to work tomorrow. Paperwork and learning the computer on the long arm. That should be fun!!!

Have a great day!!!


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