Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dream BIG!!!!

I can't help it!  I'm a dreamer! I suffer from delusional doability! But you can't fault me for having goals!  I just need a wee bit more focus. However, I don't think I need to really get on my own case because while I'm not super focused, I'm way more focused than I ever was and I'm allowed a wee bit of deviation now and then. And I'm finishing projects left and right!

Let me just interject a quick sentence here about my food. I struggled to eat enough calories yesterday. What to eat? And I wasn't hungry! I'm going to have to have a protein shake every day in order to get the calorie count up or I'm going to be wasting away to nothing and we need our strength for quilting!

It was a super productive day yesterday. NOT!!!!   I spent almost the entire day at Monday sewing working on the six blocks of 150 Canadian Women. BUT I got them done and I didn't make any mistakes in cutting, but I had to rip a few times. Four of the six blocks used the Tri-Recs ruler and were just more fiddly.  But they are done and they're in the project case waiting for the remainder of the blocks to be completed.

Six more blocks from 150 Canadian Women

That means that 96 blocks are complete!!!  What's more exciting is that there are only 54 left to sew and if I do 6 a week, well, that leaves 9 weeks.  NINE WEEKS!!!!   That's awesome. The girls at Monday have not been a help. "Oh, they get easier after this part." They lied!  "Oh, they get easier after this part." Well, I did peek ahead and the remainder of the blocks do appear to be easier, but that doesn't mean anything. I had to do some ripping on the easiest of the blocks above! The hash block because I sewed a row in the wrong place! But the cutting should be faster and so should the piecing - technically!

Then it was back to the project on the design wall because I want to get it finished for tonight to take to my presentation on Scrap Quilts. It's looking amazing and I'm thrilled with it. Just a few more seams and it'll be together. Don't worry, I've documented pictures as I went along and you'll see it tomorrow. The pictures are even edited and waiting to be uploaded.

But as I was working on the small blocks yesterday and the other project, I was also working on the pixelated apple quilt. Here I'm twirling all those seams on the back of the quilt.  I know that it's a lot of work, but if I'm going to do the project, I may as well do it so I'll be happy with it.

Twirling seams
 And I LOVE LOVE LOVE how flat the quilt is on the front. There is no rippling, no lumpiness, no way to see that the quilt was actually sewn in blocks. I LOVE it - it's my little quirk!

Flat seams on the front

And what does the quilt look like from the front? I'm absolutely in love with the quilt.  Here's the top so far. If I would have been really good, I could have used graduated colors of red to show highlights. NO - not even going to go there!!!  I'm happy with the heart being the focus.

Pixel quilt

There are still eight blocks to make. Well technically, 4 full blocks and 4 half blocks.

Here is block 13 - it's almost together and then we get into more green on the blocks.

Block 13 of the pixel quilt

But then a very bad thing happened in the studio. As I was prepping for my presentation tonight (scrap quilts) and my presentation on Thursday night (log cabin quilts) to the Mississauga Guild, I remembered a couple of things and so I went digging in one of my storage areas. I knew exactly what I was looking for and I knew exactly where it was stored. Sure enough, there it was. I will reveal what's in the box to the guild tonight and I'll share this with the rest of you later this week. It's a real treasure in there, but only to someone like me! Let's just call is Pandora's box!

A treasure box
 However, I also found these two boxes which when I opened them, I remembered them, but I had forgotten them. This is going to be a super ender/leader project. Now I think I have three projects lined up for ender/leader! I can't help myself!!!  I'll show you this one later as well. By the way, these boxes are BRIMMING with pre-cut pieces (pre-cut by me!)  Hey - I'm not far from finishing the pixel quilt, I need to have something to immediately switch to!

A great project for enders and leaders
 And I found this box which I'll share with you. This is where we need to make the decisions. But actually it wasn't that hard, but I wonder how many more of these boxes are sitting around the studio.

Project box
 Yes, I remember this project. I even made a quilt that I gave to my cousin when she got married. That quilt was made years ago! It wasn't long after I started quilting that I acquired this pattern.

Inside the box, I found the pattern for Lover's Knot Placemats by Quilt in a Day. There were four pieces of fabric - probably enough to make 6 placemats?  And a bundle of Thermolam which was to be the inside of the placemats. NOTHING was cut.

All the supplies for placemats

Since nothing was cut and there really isn't a reason to make these placemats and I'm not sure, I would choose those fabrics now.  I filed the fabrics in the appropriate bins of fabric, the Thermolam went in the batting closet and the book went on the shelf. One project - OUT OF THE WAY. GONE!!!!   That feels great!!!   I know there are more like that and when I unearth them, I'll make a decision whether to keep or disassemble.

While I was in the same closet, I came across this kit. It's one of those ones by Happy Hollow. I love her kits. They are super cute. This is a small ornament. I'm needing some small projects that I can work on at Monday sewing because I just need a break after sewing all those blocks for the 150 Canadian Women quilt.

Ornament kit
Hmm, what's inside? A candy and a small plastic bag with all the supplies to make the ornament.

What's inside?

I tossed the packaging in the recycling and the candy in the garbage and I'm putting the project in my Monday bag which will also come with me to the retreat which is NEXT WEEK. I'm so not ready!

Oh, while I was in the closet, I also found a Block of the Month - not done of course! It's fusible applique. It would be nice to have a change from piecing on Mondays. I may take that. I'm not even sure what state it is in, but I'll check it out.

I think this quote pretty much sums me up!

Dream Bigger quote!

I do have a lot of e-mails that I need to get sent out today and to get prepping for my presentation on Thursday night - the log cabin one. I have a class, meetings, a day of work and more classes and that's all just this week. It's going to be a crazy week, but nothing I can't handle!

On that note, I'm out of here!!

Have a super day!


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