Saturday, April 14, 2018

What's with the weather?

I get it that we live in Canada and the weather can be very unpredictable. How many of us have been checking and rechecking the darn weather app on our phones? Normally I wouldn't care, but if you need to get from A to B, then it's kind of important to know what the weather will be like.

Thankfully the freezing rain keeps getting moved further and further out, but it's a tad hard to make plans. So while I'm at home right now, my intention was to zip back to the retreat after spending the day at the CreativFestival. But with freezing rain here and snow up there - currently in the forecast and not actually happening - well, we'll see how the day goes.

I saw a lot of familiar faces yesterday at CreativFestival. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and saying hi or waving in passing as I was also chatting up a storm with people asking questions about the Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. I think I did OK!  Despite the fact that I tried to start the day off with hooping ONLY the fabric and not fabric and stabilizer to do some embroidery. Oh boy - well, fortunately, the day went uphill from there.

The Trend-Tex challenge has some of the entries hanging on the wall right across from our booth. I did sneak over and have a peek - I'll snap some photos today as I imagine the show will be quieter today than yesterday.

I did not buy anything yesterday, but I'll slip some cash in my pocket for today. There are a couple of things that I saw that are interesting. I had picked up a kit that looked very cool and I put it back down. Then before I got out of the booth, a friend of mine (who is crazy about Christmas) popped into the booth and went home with the kit! Thanks, Pam for saving me from buying that kit!!!

I did bring most of my stuff home from the retreat and if I don't get back to the retreat, someone will bring my stuff back. Hopefully, it won't be held for ransom knowing those "friends" of mine!!!  It's all good though and so many good times. I was really sorry to have to leave, but a paid commitment is a paid commitment!

And I need money as I had to pay GST on the software that I bought for the longarm and that hurt! The delivery got rescheduled for Monday - GRRR!

This morning I unpacked some of the stuff that I bought when I was in Orillia and I did take pictures, but no time to edit them this morning. So you're getting some pictures that I had loaded in anticipation of blogging about them from the retreat.

This is a kit that I bought last summer. Imagine that - less than one year and the top is together!!!

Quilt top from a kit - DONE
I worked on this at Monday sewing. When I got home last week, I looked through my stash and couldn't find anything that I liked for a backing and not wanting to buy more right away, I decided to wait.

Well, as I was sitting here this morning staring at that first picture, I realized that I have the perfect backing for it. I'm going to be starting a new quilt (don't ask!) and I found what I thought was the perfect backing a while back. That backing was sitting with the quilt. Then while I was away, I inadvertently purchased ANOTHER backing for the same quilt. DUH!!!!  I think the first backing that I was going to use for the new project, will work just fine for this one!!!   How silly is that?

There were some "solid" reds in this quilt and this is the leftovers. All of it is now in the box for the 150 Candian Women quilt.

Leftover went to the Canadian Women Project

And the binding is made as well.

Binding is made

When I was rifling through my UFO stash to prep for a guild presentation, I found these two bags of stuff. Hmm - I remember this. We had exchanged fabric years ago - black on white and white on black. I have one quilt top made from it. And I had made these blocks. I can't believe that this is all the fabric from that exchange, but I can't seem to find any more and I'm pretty certain that I would have put the fabric with the blocks.

Partial blocks from black/white fabric exchange

So also on Monday sewing once I completed my six blocks for the 150 Canadian Women blocks, I got onto this.

Actually these blocks were already completed. There are 49 of them.

49 Completed blocks

I added a black strip to the top and bottom of the black on white fabric to get 49 blocks that measure 6 1/2". But what to do with the white on black? Well, I had already cut orange and gold strips to go on those blocks. I managed to finish them all at Monday sewing. There is also 49 of those.

49 blocks with white on black and edged with bright!

What was my plan?  Well, I found this small note in the bag that tells me absolutely NOTHING!!!!

A meaningless note in the box!

I must make better notes because seriously - that note is useless.  No,w what the heck am I going to do with 49 blocks?  I think I was using up the fabric and the intention was to make wall hangings. That much I do remember. But what do I need two wall hangings for? Nope - I'm going to cut more black on white and white on black and make both quilts bigger. I haven't figured out how much bigger or how many blocks yet but time to dig out more fabric to cut. And were these on the list? NOPE!!!!

Oh - just shoot me now because this is how I get sidetracked!!!  I must, must, must get back on track. Where's that Task Master???  Don't worry, I've been doing great, but it is time to get back on track even for a wee bit!!!

And here's a book that I found at a guild sale or was it in their giveaway bin? I love these picture books of quilts from other areas or styles of quilts.

Book on Hawaiin quilts

Now the big question is - do I even contemplate going up tonight or just forget it and stay home?

 I'm off to walk the girls - no time for the park this morning as the show opens at 9 AM. They really need to change that to 10 AM.

Have a super day!!!!


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  1. Why not put your two blocks sets together, alternate direction... black vertically and orange horizontally for example, and make donation quilt for some charity? Just a suggestion...