Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Let's try that one more time..........

You know how it is. Sometimes we struggle to get things done either because of time constraints or actually scheduling the event or we don't want to do it. We would hope that when you get something done that it's done! This week has been a tad challenging and today I get to fix things!

My car needed a wee bit of repair so I took the car in last week to get it fixed. I was happy that they could fit me in so quickly and it barely cost anything to do the repair. However, when I was zooming on the highway that night, I could hear some vibrations and that means they did NOT fix the problem. So guess where I'm going back to this morning? Yep - the car repair place.

I bought a couple of 18 L bottles of water on the weekend for my water cooler. I noticed that one of them was wet on the bottom and the thought crossed my mind to pick a different one, but I did not! Guess what - that darn bottle is leaking and leaking badly. It's currently sitting in the sink and has lost at least 1/2 of the bottle. I'm taking it back to the store today to get a new one. GRRRRR

Leaky bottle of water

The third thing that happened is a CRISIS!!!!  I was a guest speaker last night and I had just pulled into the parking lot when I received a phone call that I had been waiting for all day. News that my long arm was ready to be shipped and they wanted payment. When the person told me how much I owed, I was a bit shocked. It was 1/5 of what the amount should have been. So I asked her what she did to the machine. Cleaned, serviced and the new interchangeable foot installed. So no computer was added?  Nope!!!!   ACK!!!!!!!   This was the end of the day for her so now we have to wait until this morning to see what's going on. And how quickly can that machine get back to me?  I NEED it for the weekend - well, I need it by Monday! I have quilts to get done. I have deadlines!!!!

It's been crazy busy this past week with speaking engagements at guilds, classes and getting my challenge done. I got the challenge done and it was delivered yesterday. Just so desperately needed more contrast, but it's OK. That's finish number 27 for the year!!!   I'm super excited about that. I was supposed to have a class tonight, but that was canceled which is perfect because I have a LOT to do before I'm off tomorrow.

Have a look at the studio - it's a mess. The cutting table is down to a wee bit in the corner - yet again! But at least the rest of it is NOT heaped.

The cutting table is a mess
The ironing board is also full of stuff that needs to be dealt with.

The ironing board is also a mess
The sewing table and the project tables are just as bad! Today, I'll be focused on getting some of this stuff put away. The only urgent thing is to get the binding on a quilt and get it to the UPS store. It's not a big quilt so that shouldn't be too difficult to handle. 

Yesterday was an AMAZING sewing day. I started with the usual - my six blocks for the 150 Canadian Women quilt.  That makes 102 blocks - DONE!!!!  I'm now over 1/3 of the way through the blocks.

Six more blocks for 150 Canadian Women quilt

I was super excited because I was finished by about 11 AM. There have been days when I ONLY got to work on those blocks. And I have to say that some days it was discouraging to only work on those blocks, but being on a mission, I didn't want to put them aside. I'm now down to 48 blocks - that's another 8 weeks. That's still two months, but the best news, I peeked ahead and NONE of the remaining patterns seem to be too time-consuming to make. As I work on these blocks, I'm reminded of all the other projects involving lots of blocks that I still have to complete - Sylvia's Bridal Sampler, Farmer's Wife and The Hobo Quilt come to mind! It looks like I'll be sewing sets of blocks at least for the remainder of the year. Never mind the other Block of the Month type quilts that are waiting. More on that another day this week.

I was able to get quite a bit of other work done and I'll share that with you tomorrow. There's a lot happening!!!

And guess what???  YES - one more block on the pixel quilt is completed. I'm so excited about this. When I started it last summer, I thought it would never get done and here it is almost complete!  Goes to show you what a little bit of focus can do!! There are two big blocks and four half blocks left to go. I'm taking the whole thing to the sewing retreat with me and let's see what can get done.

Pixel quilt

A HUGE thank you to the Erin Village Quilters for allowing me to present my lecture on Modern Quilting last night. It's super exciting to present the modern world to quilters. It was a lot of fun and they're a very enthusiastic and productive group!

I should mention about the Trend-Tex challenge. I know they received a HUGE number of quilts which is very exciting. CQA is going to have as many of those quilts on display at the CreativFestival as they possibly can - they have 30 feet of display. I can't wait to see what the others did with the fabric. The theme was Celebration. The quilts will be auctioned off (silent auction) at Quilt Canada in Vancouver at the end of May. I've picked up several quilts over the years from the Tren-Tex challenge. It's fun to own little bits of art from fellow quilters and the proceeds go to supporting the Canadian Quilter's Association. It's important that we support our local (national) quilt organizations.  So, if you go to the CreativFestival and see one of the Trend-Tex challenges that you like, you just need to find someone who is going to Quilt Canada so they can bid for you. Trust me - I've done it before and WON!!

On that note, I'm out of here. I've a LOT of stuff to get done today - quilts to redesign for a mazagine, binding for the last outstanding magazine quilt, cutting, prepping, packing up the sewing machine, ordering supplies, etc. I'm LIMITING myself to one tote bag of projects for the retreat. It's going to be a challenging day!

I'll leave you today with today's link to QUILTsocial where Julie is using the fabric markers to color black/white fabric.

 Have a super day!!!!


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