Sunday, April 22, 2018

Frolicking on the beach

I was up early yesterday and managed to get most of what I wanted to cut - cut. That was a relief and now the big thing was to get it all into the car. There were bags and bags of stuff. Thank goodness for a hatchback car - it's amazing what can go in there. Not only did I have stuff for the retreat, but I had my two classes and a few bags of stuff for a meeting that I'm going to later this week.

We had great classes on paper piecing and double wedding ring. They are two part classes. I did take pictures and I'll try to find a way to post them. Ronda very conveniently brought a laptop for me to blog on so I'm not going to have to mess with the tablets. Yeah Ronda!!!  I tell you there is no comparison between the keyboard on a laptop and my crappy desktop keyboard. I hate it, but I'm not sure that you can get a laptop style keyboard for a desktop. There is a totally different feel between the two. I notice she doesn't have Grammarly installed on it so I'm on my own (well besides spell check) for the corrections.

Immediately after class, I was in the car for the drive to the retreat. Because I was leaving from the store, it took me almost an hour to reach the major highway. The weather was awesome, the traffic was great and I made it in two hours. Ronda had arrived shortly before me.

We unloaded the cars. I left half of the stuff in my car as I need it later this week.

While this is the second time I've been at this house there were a few things that we had questions about. Like the password to the WiFi. Which was prominently displayed on the wall beside the TV, but we missed that! DUH!!!

My sewing machine is all set up and ready to go this morning. Last night we went to the little restaurant in the beach area. By the way - there is NO ice on the lake. All clear and ready for frolicking. I was going to go down there after our yummy meal last night, but then I forgot. I'll go today. It looks like it's going to be a gorgeous day - the sky is clear and the weather is above zero. Oops - it's just below zero, but it will be above later.

The Surf restaurant was packed when we arrived. Must be all the locals here and they were hungry. I did celebrate by having a beer - the first one in a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Then we were back to the house where Ronda was watching the hockey game. We played Scrabble although we're finishing the game this morning. I was exhausted and was clipping a rag quilt while we played. Next thing I'm asleep in my chair. Finally at 11 PM, it was time for bed. I was tired.

I"m sleeping in the basement. There is a big room with three beds, but I've claimed it for myself as there is room for the others upstairs. I unpacked all my stuff - my huge project bag and all the tuffet stuff to sew and it's all over the floor. I'm happy!!!

Now we had to figure out our way around the kitchen. Where's the measuring cup? How does the microwave work? I ended up cooking my oatmeal on the stove - no big deal. It cooked up just fine. Then Ronda figured out how the microwave works. Oh well - there's always tomorrow.

We've eaten, we're moving the Scrabble board downstairs so we can complete our game and now we're off to sew while we wait for the others to arrive.

It's going to be an exciting week - and we mustn't forget to frolic on the beach!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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