Friday, April 27, 2018

Forest Road Retreat - Day Five

This is the longest sewing retreat I’ve been too and I’m taking complete advantage of the situation. We’re leaving today, but not until much later in the day. I mean - what will I do at home? Sew of course and so I might as well sew here with company!!!

I do have to pick up a quilt that belongs to me that has never actually been in my house even though I made it a year ago. It’s been on display at a quilt shop and they just sold the last kit so it’s coming home!!!  I’m going to hang it up. You’ll recognize the quilt - Coast to Coast to Coast. If you do a Google search, it may come up.

I got so much done yesterday it was ridiculous. I finished the pixelated apple quilt. It’s gorgeous and I can’t wait to get it quilted. It’s going to be at Quilts at the Creek later this summer. I finished the mini quilt for the show in May - more details once I get the details on where the quilt will hang. It even has a label (a crudely hand written one) and a sleeve. It’s done!!!!  It was only 12 inches square so not a huge deal.

I finished a whole whack of pinwheel blocks yesterday. We get these goals in our heads - tonight, I’ll finish this and it’s becomes a chore, but sure feels nice when it’s all done. One more person left yesterday so we’re only four. We went out to the local restaurant last night for dinner. I had cabbage rolls and they were great. But I could only eat one of them. The other will be my lunch today.

Shelly and I walked there and we stopped to check out real estate prices on the way home. WOW!!!!  Totally out of whack. Huge prices for little properties and houses that really need to be torn down and rebuilt. We saw houses at almost 2 million dollars!!!!  The cheapest was about $300K. Rental prices go from $2K per week to $5K per week.  Yikes!!!!

I have some pictures to share with you as to why we would NEVER live here.

Oh - I also finished all the tuffet hoods that I brought with me so I’m leisurely working on two projects and it’s great.

On that note, the buffer on the iPad will soon fill so that’s it for today.

Have a great day!!!


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