Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How did this happen???

I might as well get some of these other pictures that I have posted up for you to look at.  A couple of weeks ago when I was prepping for a presentation on log cabin quilts, I was rifling through all my UFOs to find examples of quilts.

I did find what I was looking for but I also unearthed a horrible situation. A stack - a huge stack of UFOs that are almost, but not quite completed. Why do we do this to ourselves??? Now before you judge me - DON'T because you're probably in the same boat as me!  We're all in this together!!!

The first quilt I unearthed was this one called Stonehenge meets Jamestown (Marti Michell). It was a class I taught several years ago. The alternate block in this quilt is a log cabin which is why I dug it out. All the blocks are made (except one) and all the rows are together except the last one. Why isn't that last block together? Because I lost the block. I swear I had made the block, but I can't find it so the quilt sits there unfinished. Seriously???  I need to give myself a boot on this one! It would take ONE day at the minimum to finish it off. That's the kind of project I should be choosing for my UFOs!!!!

Stonehenge meets Jamestown
I love it when I search for something on Google and the first link that pops up is my blog!!  Here's the link to the final reveal of the quilts from the class.  I just peeked at the pictures - I remember that we did the reveal at my house!!!

I ended up NOT using this for my presentation as one of the students was able to bring in a finished quilt. Thanks, Tish!!!!

The next quilt that I dug up is Spring Beauty (Rabbit Factory). This is a pineapple quilt which is a version of the log cabin. Did you know that???  Anyway, in the box, I found ALL the completed blocks. This was done as an exchange with Linda and Mary YEARS ago. It's hard to see the pattern, but there is an applique border on the quilt and then a border of half square triangles. The colored squares are cut for the half square triangle border, but no white. I did take one of these blocks with me. But Mary had finished the quilt and so we got to see her quilt.  I was talking so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it. She did NOT do the applique but did piano keys instead. So why don't I just do a white border and then the half square triangles? Or even just a regular border and leave the little squares for something else???

Spring Beauty quilt

I found a picture on the internet of what the border is supposed to look like.

Border on Spring Beauty by Rabbit Factory

I have a sewing day tomorrow and I could easily whip those blocks on the design wall and sew them together.  Wouldn't take long!!!!  Again - why isn't this kind of project in the UFO box instead of something that I've barely touched????

The next one that I unearthed is O Tannenbaum. This was a class from years ago and I love this quilt. I must get it finished. In total, there are 16 paper-pieced log cabin blocks  - I have 5 to go. Most of the other blocks are completed as well.  So why am I not working on this???  Because I'm working on 150 Canadian Women instead!!!

O Tannenbaum project box

Three different log cabin/court house steps blocks from O Tannenbaum

And if you want to see what we did in this class - have a look at this link from my blog. You have to scroll down to see the picture.

But I wasn't done. Oh no - not by a long shot. I found this log cabin block as well. It's from The Underground Railroad Quilt by Quilt in a Day.  The blocks are finished - they just need sashing and to be sewn together.

Log cabin blcok from the Underground Railroad quilt
 OH MY GOD  -- you need to go to this link on my blog and scroll right to the very end where I talk about this quilt.  That was SIX years ago!!!!   Why isn't this one on my UFO list????  From that comment, you can see why we have UFO lists!!!!  We forget about projects!!!

I also found this block. There's no pattern - it was just something that I found amusing to make using homespuns in different scale of checks. There are about 6 blocks completed and quite a few more blocks that need the last two rounds.  Why isn't that one on the UFO list???

Log cabin from homespuns

I found this version of a courthouse step block in the orphan block box. Thankfully the quilt top for this one is DONE and waiting to be quilted. This was the result of a black on white and white on black strip exchange that we did years ago.
A version of courthouse step block
 If you pop to this link on my blog, you'll see my version of the quilt on the design wall.   You have to scroll down to see it - the third picture.

And the last block I have is a log cabin - well the start of one mde with The Wave Edge Ruler. This is all that is done on this quilt and I probably shouldn't continue, but I like the concept and the least I could do is finish the block!!!

The start of a wavy log cabin using The Wave Edge Ruler

Now isn't that just silly that so many projects are in such a state of almost completion. I know there are many more that I didn't open because they didn't have anything to do with log cabin!!!

I have a couple of updates - not that you want to know about my pants situation, but small things amuse me so I'm going to write it down so I can remember when I'm old! I still haven't gone through the entire stack of pants. I counted them today - there are 33 pairs in total. Seriously?? Me - with 33 pairs of pants. Why??  I was going to plop them all in the giveaway pile, but I thought for my amusement that I would try them all on to make sure that I was good to give them away.

I found what used to be my favorite jeans - before Spandex was added to the denim. Boy - they are stiff, and while I used to have a nice comfortable fit, I was told that they were a wee bit too big so they are now in the pile to give away. So much for my favorite pants (which I haven't worn for years so technically there is no need to keep them). NO - I'm not going to cut them up and make some funky project out of them.

I did find two more pairs of pants that do fit so that is all good. I seem to be zeroing in on a single size (the same size on all pairs). At least I'm consistent that way. I'm about halfway through the pile - who knows, there could be one or two more pairs in there that will fit. Bottom line - there is NO NEED for anyone to have 33 pairs of pants. The current count is four that fit. What I really need is a pair of wind pants. The two pair that I have - well, I'd be afraid to walk in them for fear of them falling off.

Then it will be onto the shorts. Once that is done, I really should tackle the T-shirts and things hanging in my closet. That will come. For now - it's off with the pants and shorts.

I finally ventured out yesterday to do an errand which was successful and quite exciting, but the roads were terrible. Filled with potholes and in some areas, just slushy still. I was happy to get back home. I had to stop at the grocery store. One of the things on my list was Steel Cut Oats. They were on special and the shelf was EMPTY. Wow - who knew that everyone else was into those Steel Cut Oats like me. I LOVE them. In case you haven't seen them - here's a picture.  And here's a link to the Quaker page.  BUT, one of the staff unearthed some in the back so I got TWO containers.

Here's the thing - I tried to cook these oats at the retreat in the microwave. 50 percent power (critical) and at home, I can do 3 minutes, 30 seconds. Not so at the retreat house - my oatmeal boiled over. I cut back to 40 percent power and 2 minutes. That was better. So you have to experiment with your microwave. But throw in a little bit of fruit (strawberries, blueberries or banana) and WOW - a very yummy breakfast. With two slices of bacon for protein.

But while I was at the grocery store, I also saw this and so I decided to try it.

I had one for breakfast this morning with some blueberries. Hmm - a lot more fat in it than the steel cut oats. It was good, but I don't know that I would buy it again. It's easy enough to make your own overnight oats and I used almond milk (unsweetened) which gives it a great taste. Way better than regular milk.  OK  so my daughter was right and I ignored her advice for several years - too stubborn to try until I was the one that decided (because of the detox program) to try it. I won't drink it, but in cereal it's great. Did you hear that M???   You were right! I was wrong! - well, I was stubborn!!!

I have other stuff to share with you, but I've run out of time today. I'm trying to get the long arm back together. There's only so much plodding through the manual that I can take and yes - the service department did make those holes magically appear once I got the right piece of equipement in front of me!!!!

More on that whole story another day!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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