Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Does SIZE matter? You bet it does!!!!!!!!!!!

A Bonnie Hunter update.............   I guess I am going to have to confess that I too am becoming a Bonnie Hunter groupie. I do read her blog and am currently making the Easy Street mystery BUT check out this person's blog. This lady is the QUEEN of Bonnie Hunter groupies................

Bonnie Hunter groupie!

Can you believe how many quilts she has made??  Wow - I haven't made ANY!   I do hope to get my mystery done this year, but it is time consuming and I am working on other things which you will see in a minute.

Monday is the LINK day on Bonnie's blog where those working on the current mystery can link their blog to hers. The LINK thing opened yesterday and have a look at all the people working on the mystery and who have already linked their blogs. It is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Number of blogs LINKED to Bonnie

Scroll through them - these quilts are going to be awesome and there is even someone making their flying geese in the same colour as myself. Can you figure out which number that is?????????????

Well - you are wondering why size is important????   Let's have a look.............

Yesterday was Monday and that means Monday Motivators. I always take some hand stuff - sometimes cutting, sometimes - well whatever happens to be around that I need to get done. I am trying to cut down on how much I cut unless it is for a current project. No pre-cutting stuff that will sit for years and never get sewn.

So - if you remember my BIG ball of "yarn".....................

The BIG ball of yarn

Well - the BIG ball is NO MORE - it is all USED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My rug is DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
 Because I started in the center and worked out - it is difficult to know if you got the proportion right and then how big to make it, how much fabric to buy, etc. Well after buying that last bit of black/white striped, I decided that that was that!  It would be as big as that ball of yarn allowed. And is it big enough? You decide....................

I think it is JUST RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sparky plunked herself down on it this morning. I think she likes it!!!!!!!!!   It is VERY heavy as there is a LOT of fabric in it. So if you have hideous fabric and are wanting some way to fairly quickly use it up - this is a great way. I am another one started and it is made from HIDEOUS fabric so we can have a look when I get that one done. It is already in the Monday basket.

After finishing this (and my hand is tired today), I decided to do some cutting for the current Bonnie Hunter mystery. Now keep in mind that I was also working on the last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery on the weekend. I was merrily cutting yesterday and then OH DEAR - what have I done...............

See the one on the left - that is the size I am SUPPOSED to be cutting, but I started out by cutting the ones on the right. 
Now why would I be doing that?????   Well the mystery from last year used a slightly smaller triangle and I had that strip size in mind.
See - the white triangle is from last year's mystery
Where you are supposed to be making a LOT of these units.   I have ONE made!!!!
 Oh well - I think I cut about 5 or 6 of the wrong size of the orange and then got myself straightened out - thank goodness it wasn't all 128 or whatever we are supposed to cut.

Then I was having a moment - remember that mini-quilt I made for Sharron (from our retreat exchange???)

Sharron's mini quilt
Well - I decided that I wanted to make another one and here is the first block..........

Block one for the next mini quilt

All the pieces are cut, the strips are sewn and cut - the border blocks are done, just need to sew it together. Hopefully later today. Aren't they just the cutest things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes - it is Christmas card time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive Christmas cards, but in order to be fair - I should send out Christmas cards as well. Every year, I have good intentions. I even have my cards all organized in this nice card box. This is just for Christmas cards.
My Christmas card box
I have TWO other boxes with miscellaneous cards in there. I am GOOD at buying cards, but not at sending them. Must try to improve this year if for no other reason than to use these cards up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided that I am NEVER going to send out these juvenile cards so I removed them from the box and they are going in the "goodwill" pile. Hopefully get that bag delivered today.

Cards to donate

Cards to write and send THIS YEAR

And I still have enough cards in the Christmas card box for TWO years. At least it is only two years, not TWENTY!!!!

Taught a class at my house on the weekend (and in November). It is called Circle of Life by Jacqueline de Jonge. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of her stuff. Well this is the show n tell we had this past weekend.




Jacquie was working on bits and pieces of hers and we didn't get a picture. I don't have a picture of mine either.

But my goal is to complete some of these projects that have been hanging around my neck so I won't have to worry about them next year and can focus on some of my own stuff.

I feel like I am making good progress and the BEST thing is that I am NOT NOT NOT making or taking on any of this piddly jobs (like BOM blocks and exchange blocks) for 2013. You would not believe how much of a relief that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Don't worry - that list of projects that is going on the shelf for 2013 is HUGE - so not like I won't have anything to do!!!!!!!!!!!   I might actually be able to complete the stuff that goes on the shelf!!!!!!!!!!!1

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    For Carol C.

I have completed the small blocks for Carol. This was part of the exchange that we were supposed to complete by the retreat in November. I got her small blocks done. I am currently finishing up the large block and hope to be done tonight. Then I am bundling it all off to her in the mail. I LOVE the little blocks and I made SIX of them. I think if I had made them when I was supposed to I would not have made six, but I feel guilty because I am late so I made MORE to compensate.

Here are the blocks...................................   ( her theme is northern living)

Carol's little blocks for the exchange

And I got a customer quilt done on Sunday morning.

Customer quilt

I did NOT do a quilt yesterday so now I am TWO quilts behind, but I think that shouldn't be a problem. I will get them done. Just have to keep doing 3 or 4 or 5 a week and I will be all caught up and done soon. Well - there is still 28 on the list. Those are tops that DO NOT belong to me and I need to get done. Once those are done - then I will start on the new customer list for January/February and then new ones that I am going to piece.

There you have it - and I cannot express how good it feels to be getting some of these things done. I mean it is done. There were several times yesterday when I was crocheting that rug that I wanted to stop. I was bored of it, my hand was tired, but Judith and I kept chatting and then next thing I knew - I was done!!!!!!!!

The old me would have stopped. The old me would have bought the fabric and not gone any further!!!!!!!!
The new me is HAPPY and I have a finished rug to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here - got another busy day - well another quilt to quilt.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Can't wait to see your orange flygeese.. I love orange. You have some great projects going on over here!