Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas Pajamas!

Santa's elf did NOT get a lot of sleep last night and so if this blog doesn't make sense - we will blame it on lack of sleep.

It`s finally here - It`s CHRISTMAS - I saw this last night  before I went to bed. 

Is this a joke?????    A "white" Christmas - I call this a barely there - white Christmas!!!!!!!!   And I think most of it is gone now. 

After an eventful Christmas Eve, it was back home to finish wrapping presents and FINISH MAKING GIFTS. What was Santa's elf thinking of????   Who cares that Santa's elf was out having a glass of wine with Flo and Marian in the afternoon or off to candlelight service in the evening with Jim, M and Berke. NO - Santa's elf didn't care that there was still lots to do and choose to spend the moments with friends and family.

But then Santa's elf had to pay the price. Back home to make the Christmas Pajamas. Now I have NEVER made PJs for Christmas, but Mary was talking about NOT making them this year and her kids were upset because that it a tradition for them. So I bought fabric weeks ago and it was all washed and ready to go.  I cut out M's first - no problem. When I was cleaning up, I found the pattern that I had used to make PJs a  number of years ago and decided that I needed a smaller size (YEAH!!!!!!!!). I rejigged the pattern down by TWO sizes (what was I thinking when I cut the other ones so HUGE). Anyway - I ironed the fabric and then - WHOA!!!!!!!!   There is NOT enough fabric to make a pair of PJs for me.

My pretty Christmas fabric (flannel) for my Christmas PJs

Even bought a nice long sleeved T-shirt to go with it

So it is now after midnight and what am I going to do??????   Hmmmm - I do have some other flannel that is washed that was slated to make PJs a NUMBER of years ago and still sitting there. So I grabbed that and started cutting. Now my red shirt could go with the new flannel, but a bit BRIGHT if you ask me. Then I noticed a T-shirt that Flo gave me at Christmas Club a couple of weeks ago. PERFECT and now I have new PJs for Christmas. You better get your sunglasses on!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP - orange POLKA  dots and my orange and white T-shirt. Complements M's nice subdued blue PJs just fine

Then as we opened presents - well a theme seemed to emerge - can you see.............

My NEW orange DOWN SWEATER. I just love it - it weighs NOTHING and is INSTANTLY WARM. Can't wait to go for a hike. And look what else I got - ORANGE and WHITE pillow cases - I mean - how perfect is that. The stars were lined up last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas morning is so civilized in our house. M has ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS been a disciplined kid when it comes to Christmas. I remember her much younger sitting on the sofa LOOKING at the tree with the presents and looking at her stocking. Not wanting to touch anything - letting the mystery of Christmas (the commercial one) linger a bit longer.

So she was up at 9:30 (I told her she couldn't get up any earlier), I put the elastic in her PJs and then sent her off to Tim's. I know - having a kid with a driver's license is a good thing!!!

At last - we were ready to sit down.

The ANNUAL picture of M with the dogs and the tree

M reading the letter left by Santa (another tradition at our house). Santa leaves the best letters ever!!!!

Opening the goodies in the stocking. We have to do this ONE at a time and Santa  had very busy little  elves because each thing was individually wrapped!!!!

One of the books on the wish list

Ornament to add to the "All About Me" tree

Writing everything down in the Christmas journal (M has a Christmas journal) that she has kept for YEARS. I think she goes back and reads it every year. How cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the last present under the tree - the present from Santa

She didn't want to open it - she loved the way it was wrapped. Brown paper crumpled up, stamped with a mannequin stamp and bound with twine. No tape. How clever is Santa. She opened up the present - then we rewrapped it!!!!!  Ah - the simple things in life delight the most!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the girls were enjoying Christmas morning every bit as much as we were.

Sammy - hanging out with Sparky waiting to open their presents

Where's my present?????

Hanging out

Enjoying a treat

Sammy right in the middle of everything

Christmas is EXHAUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need a nap and I`ll just sleep on the presents!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind that it is a hard box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had fun the other night as we went back in BLOG YEARS to find out what we had done on prior Christmas Eves and Christmas Days. How fun!!!!!!   While I write the blog for me, I know that M enjoys reading it and it is just a blast to go back and read it.

On that note - Santa`s elf DESPERATELY needs a nap even though she still has THREE things to get done today, but if I don`t nap - NOTHING will get done. Well it might, but it won`t be pretty!!!!

Have a SAFE, HAPPY and MERRY MERRY Christmas. Thanks for reading my blog - I have loved all the comments and I look forward to entertaining myself (I mean you) in the new year!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Thanks for letting us enjoy your Christmas! I just love the dog napping on the presents!