Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who is this child????

The pressure is off!!!!!!    The last customer quilt came off the machine yesterday!!!!

Customer quilt (hey - do you remember - this is the one that I finished putting together for her!!!)

Detail of quilting

In the afternoon, we went to Flo's for tea!!!!  Unfortunately I had an appointment that I could not miss, so I dropped the quilt off (in hopes that some of the girls would grab the needles and thread I provided and start hand stitching down the binding since the owner is not able) and my goodies (that M made for me!!!)

When I finally arrived back at the tea party - well the quilt was still sitting there, so I grabbed it and Daphne sat with me and we had a grand chat while we bound. She stitches in the opposite direction that I do so we met in the middle!!!!!

Elaine (me) and Daphne binding the quilt at the tea party!!!!!
 We got more than 1/4 done so that was good, but then I was informed when I arrived at the party that the quilt is NO LONGER required for Christmas Day. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Although I would have made the deadline, I was happy to hear the pressure is off.

Now I just have things to get ready for the family and so if it isn't completely done no big deal, but I really really really want to get everything done and I don't see any problem in making that happen.

Flo had different teas all laid out for us to try. I was boring and just took regular tea. But after looking at this (and are her teapots not amazing!!!) I think we should have a tea tasting. Flo - are you up for a tea tasting?????

After everyone left, Flo and I (by the way - MARGIE - the mother of the puppies is HOME!!!!!) And Muffin, Flo's other dog was SO HAPPY. The two of them were bouncing around the house - amazing how "sad" the dogs are when their friend is not there. Last time I saw Muffin, she was moping around the house. This time - well she was BOUNCING!!!!

Anyway - after everyone left, Flo got out the wine and well - her and I solved the world's problems until her husband came home and I realized how late it was!!!!!!!!!!!    In the mean time, my kid texts me a grocery list. Things that she NEEDS in order to make dinner. WHAT??????   Make dinner and things like capers and spinach are on the list. WHO SENT THIS TEXT?????

This from a child who would ONLY eat broccoli tops. I mean what is going on?????   However she now eats vegetables like no tomorrow. She cuts them up and even takes them in a reusable container with her. My child who used to eat NOTHING but junk food?????

Caroline and M making dinner

And there was our dinner. Actually very good!!!!!   Spinach, capers, sauce?  All things my child would never eat!!!!!!!!!

Plus she made my goodies for the tea, except we were short a few cranberries as I had left the bag on the counter and DH thought they would be good in his yogurt. So - I didn't have time to get more so lots of white chocolate in the goodies and not enough cranberries!!!!    Regardless they were great!!!!!

Now I am wondering if M is being so helpful because Christmas is right around the corner and she knows I am not done shopping or she is just trying to be helpful??????

After dinner, M and Caroline exchanged their gifts.

Getting ready to exchange the gifts

Pretty funny because they both bought each other a number of small things and they EACH wrapped them individually and put them in a GREAT BIG box. Boy they must be reading the same magazines!!!!

I got a lot of sewing done (well I got some sewing done) after dinner (I told the girls I would clean up the kitchen since they made dinner - OH boy - that was a mistake!!!!! However I cannot show you what I was working on. Big secrets. You will have to be patient and wait until after Christmas which is just DAYS away.

On that note - I have to hit the mall today!!!   I know - what the heck was I thinking to leave it to the last minute and I have to go to Square One no less - a mall that I try to avoid at the best of times. Oh well  - it opens at 9:30 and I'm leaving in a few minutes to ensure that I get a parking space somewhat close to a door. Got my list, got my running shoes one and my elbows ready. I doubt it will take that long - at least I know what I am going for. (thanks to M's intricately detailed Christmas list!)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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