Friday, October 17, 2014

Beginner Quiltmaking class

Hi everyone

Since the arrows on my pattern were NOT the clearest - here are some pictures of the front and the back of the blocks that we are making. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion you had about the direction in which to press the seams.

The front of Block A and B - note how neat the intersections are at the corners of the white square.  This is in part because of the direction the seams are pressed on the back and don't forget I use the STILETTO or Quilter's Awl instead of pins. 

Here is the back of Block A and B.  Notice that the seams in the top and bottom rows are pressed TOWARDS the center while the blocks in the middle row are pressed AWAY from the center.  That means the seam allowances are NESTING  - they are NOT overlapping. When the seam allowances are going in the same direction it is much more difficult to get accurate seam matching.   Note that those last two (in this case horizontal seams - are pressed AWAY from the center)

See how the seam allowances are nesting (going in opposite directions).  From the left - the green one is going down, the middle white one is up and the right green one is pointing down.   

And notice how the edges of the block are straight - no pieces are hanging over.

All blocks should measure 9 1/2" when they are sewn. Basically the UNFINISHED size is 9  1/2" and the FINISHED size (when sewn into the quilt) is 9 ".  It is important that you understand the difference.  We will discuss more at the next class if that sounds like Greek to you. 

The right side of Block C and D

The wrong side of Block C and D. The seams in the middle row are pressed towards the center. In this case - we are pressing those last two seams TOWARDS the center. 

I hope that makes sense - if not - e-mail me and we can figure out what to do.

Good luck!

Have a great day!!


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