Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun, FUN and even more FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you just love having fun?  I just love what I do because not only do I like doing it, but I have fun doing it.

How many of you had fun at the Row by Row this past summer????   Well - it is already ramping up for 2015.  Have a look at this blog link - the new theme is out and it is going to be FUN!!!!!   And check out Bobbin the Robin as well - FUN FUN FUN...............   (aren't those new fabrics cute cute cute???  and it looks like ALL of Canada will be involved!!!!!!!!!!!!)


So this is my FIRST time taking classes/demos at the CreativFestival.  OH MY - I am in AWE - I am having loads of fun and amassing TONS of information and inspiration (I am making lists of things to ask at all the places).  You see - this festival is NOT just about shopping.  There are thread companies, sewing machine companies, notions distributors - THIS is the place to get your questions ANSWERED!!!!!!!    I have very limited time today and I have a big list of questions and things to check out - I hope I get through it all.

And I really think the multi-day is good since it allows me to have a look, come home, digest the information and then go back with more questions.  I am learning so much just by being curious!!!!!!!!!

Now I am always getting myself into trouble.  At last spring's CreativFestival, Tish and I stopped by the CHA booth (Canadian Craft and Hobby Association).  They were looking for people to sign up for a sewing challenge at the Fall CreativFestival. We both signed up and sort of forgot about it. When we were contacted this fall - I decided - what the heck - let's give it a whirl.  YIKES - the BIG event was yesterday.   The projects would either be a tablerunner, pillow, bag, stocking or apron.  The projects were randomly picked at the start of each event.   When we got there - only the stocking and apron were left.  Our group got stocking!!!!  

Fortunately the sewing machine was VERY familiar to me - very similar to the Husqvarna Viking H|Class 100Q.     We had to use everything that was in the project bag.  Hmmmm - gorgeous flannels from Northcott, some trims - dingle balls, rick rack and ribbon and bells.  

On your mark, get set GO!!!!!!!!!!!   We had no pattern so I just drew a stocking shape on the wrong side of the fabric - layered up four FQs (two for the outside and two for the lining) and cut with scissors through all.   Then I got creative with the cuff - my mind went totally blank for making the cuff go all around the stocking so it is just on the front part!!!!   And in retrospect - the bottom is perhaps a bit big relative to the top. BUT - I managed to get it completely done in ONE HOUR.   I fussy cut that little owl for the cuff - fussy cut the green fabric trim around him - stitching down some red ribbon to outline him. Oh yes - it was stressful but a lot of fun.

BUT there is an advantage to having a big boot part - LOTS and LOTS of stuff can be put in there!!!!!!!!!!!

We all got a great gift bag filled with all kinds of goodies for participating - fabric from Northcott, scissors and numerous other notions.

Then the judge came in and picked my stocking as the winner of the challenge.  I got a super sewing basket with MORE goodies.

 I do have to say that it was a challenge because we got no pattern - just the pack of supplies!!!!!!  For those of you who know me - I am meticulous and like to take my time (hence my huge stash of UFOs)   so the time thing was another issue.  Hmmm - that would be fun to do with a group. Any takers?????    I do have to say that I pressed and pressed my stocking. The seams were FLAT FLAT FLAT. The others not so much although their ideas were equally creative - they all pieced the bottom part of the stocking which was very creative.  They just needed to press it BETTER and I am certain the results would have been different. It was only superb workmanship that saved me!

I had an AHA moment the other day.  It concerned my 2014 shelf.  You know I started that shelf business in 2012.  It didn't really work in 2012, nor in 2013 and certainly NOT in 2014.  BUT I have figured out the secret!!!!!!!!!!   OK - so I am slow sometimes.  I am not going to reveal it now, although I should in the event that I forget my brilliant idea!!!!!  

This studio needs a major cleaning up - there is stuff everywhere.  I am not even going to show you pictures - well I will take them and show you another day.  It is a disaster zone - no question!!!!   I can't even say that I have a plan but I better figure it out soon because I am opening up the studio for a Sit n Sew in a couple of weeks and right now - well there is NO ROOM for anyone including ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - have to get ready for my last day at the CreativFestival.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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