Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There is NO BETTER way to start the day than spin class with Joseph. I was kind of dreading it last night - so much to do  - should I take the time to go?  Then I watched an inspirational video on Facebook.  And I saw an awesome T-shirt that says something like this - I spin because I like food. OK - I bundled my butt off to class and it was AWESOME. Yes I worked hard, I sweat like crazy BUT I feel pumped so it was all worth it!!!!

Have to laugh because the last time I taught at Sew Sisters we had cake. Guess what we had yesterday?  Yup - another cake!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlene had been to a cake decorating class and didn't know what to do with the cake - so between the class participants and the staff - she didn't have much cake to take home!!!!    Thanks Marlene - hey - I am back next Tuesday! - Just kidding!!!  

You see why it is important to go to spin class - so you can eat that cake and not feel guilty.  My biggest problem this time of year is those darn Pumpkin spiced muffins from Tim's.  YES - I know they are laden with fat and sugar and everything I don't need, but if I go to spin class - well - I hope to be OK. According to the machine at the gym - body fat is looking pretty good so I think I can afford a few muffins - but got to keep up those spin classes or make lots of trips to the quilt stores on my bike!!!!

When I was searching for fabric for my project that I want to have done by Thursday (HA HA HA HA) - I went into a fabric basket that I haven't been into in a LONG time. The teal greens/aquas and some pinks (don't ask)

The pile of teal greens on the right
Well - I know that I haven't touched many of these in years - nothing was folded neatly - I had to press most of it and look how I used to hack the fabric.  Instead of cutting strips which I do now and sometimes I cut the strips parallel to the selvedge - depending on what I need).  But before - look - I just hacked off a piece of fabric.  I HATE HATE HATE that and would never do it now.

Hacked up fabric

And more - I found LOTS in that basket

Also found lots of fabric with the price tags still on

Now don't worry about that - I am trying to use this stuff up as fast as I can.  I can prep a project in no time - I got all the strips cut from the teals last night.  BUT my problem is the sewing - I don't seem to have time to get to the sewing machine.

I also came across this fabric that I designed and screen printed way back when I was at  Sheridan College. I remember making a skirt for M out of it.

MY cool design
It would be neat to go back and do that program again.  So many cool things but there is absolutely NO TIME for that - it was very time consuming and well - I don't have enough time right now for everything.

Yesterday at Sew Sister's - I checked out the KONA cottons to find a replacement for that light purple that I didn't like.

See - that light purple just stuck out too much for me. 

This looks much better!!!!!!!!!!

MUCH better - I am happy!!!!

I think I have four more fabrics to cut and then the ENTIRE 104" by 104" quilt is cut.  Doesn't seem like there are enough pieces!  But there are a couple of borders that I haven't touched yet - they are solids and I will get them when the top is mostly done.

I know that I have about 4 more projects that I want to get prepped and then I have to STOP - I MUST MUST MUST get sewing.   I just love cutting and I have no idea why.  I also like to sew - but right now - I like to cut.  Making progress on the custom quilt on the machine. It is looking great but lots of ruler work so I need to take lots of breaks - that is hard on the neck.  Hope to finish tonight? or tomorrow?  No I HAVE to finish by tomorrow - I have other projects that are due!!!!

Last night I was browsing a knitting magazine that I got from the library. Now I am a total newbie when it comes to knitting. No that is not right - I have knit miles and miles of yarn, but never had any real classes.   Well - what does one do when you reach the end of a ball of wool???   I had my own way, but it was bulky. There was a super article that took my method one more step to reduce the bulk.  And just in time as I get to knit those remaining balls of wool for the afghan.  Now if I can remember their little trick - I will be set - but since I will be doing it right away - I am sure it will stick in my head.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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