Monday, October 20, 2014

Just throw money at it!!!

Have you ever been in that position?    You are pressed for time - you know you should do "X" but no time so just throw money at it to make it better???

Yep - that is me and it is very irresponsible!!!  When I went on my bike trip this summer, I took a bunch (630) pictures. I promised the group that I would upload the pictures to Dropbox so they could see the pictures and get copies if they wanted. Well half of those pictures loaded and then I ran out of room. Now if I had time - I would have gone through my 630 pictures and only loaded those that would have been of interest to the group. And I could have emptied the rest of my Dropbox so that would free up some space.

After getting some gentle reminders from the group about getting access to the pictures - I looked - I seriously looked and did clean out a bit of my Dropbox, but then I said "screw it" and I just paid for a membership which gets me 1 TB of room.  That is a LOT of room and I can load a LOT of pictures in there.  
So now I really should use it as a third back up spot for pictures. But first I need to get myself organized for those pictures - remember the 50,000 unorganized pictures????   Yep - about half of them need to be deleted - I take many pictures in a day and most are for the blog and so I don't really need to keep those pictures - well the edited version is on my laptop - which is supposed to be backed up regularly, but isn't. OK - time to schedule that.

Then yesterday - I went to take a picture and CRAP - the camera card is FULL.  Seriously????   I bought a new one when I got home from the trip.  That is 2000 pictures in a month and a half????   OK - time to clear out that card plus the few others that are sitting here.  NO TIME - so I just bought a new one. M was disgusted with me.   OK - I need to get myself some kind of filing system (not the physical kind because I do have a nice snazzy computer and Lightroom) - I need to figure out what to keep and what goes. Hmmmm and if I could do that on a weekly/daily basis - I wouldn't have this problem.  

OK - I will think about that this week.

I did manage to snag two photos on the new card yesterday!!!!

The serger had been sitting here with TWO broken needles.  M was trying to serge something in the summer and DID NOT raise the metal thread rack to the proper height. The threads tangled, then pulled the needles and bang - they both broke.  Then I couldn't thread one of the loopers and it is that automatic one that blows air or whatever.  I finally got it working and then I zipped through some gift bags that I am making for the Brampton Guild.  I serged thirty of them.  Now to make the casing and insert the ribbon.

Thirty serged gift bags

Of course - since I was in that kind of a mood - I decided to vacuum the interior of the serger - tried the big vacuum - all the attachments are TOO big to fit inside.

Tried the little USB vvacuum- and it is too small to reach inside. I ended up using a brush, but since I had the little vvacuumout - I cleaned my keyboard. Yikes - that was a LOT of crap in there!!!!!!!!!

Lint from the laptop keyboard

I spent a couple of hours with Carla as we chatted about various things for the magazine A Needle Pulling Thread and also QUILTSocial and various projects that we are working on for both. So much exciting stuff coming up!!!!   If you are planning on coming to the CreativFestival this weekend - you should plan to stop by and listen to our presentation.  We will give you the inside scoop on QUILTSocial - what it is all about and how you can participate.  We have great show n tell for you as well.  It is going to be a lot of fun. We will be presenting on Friday, Saturday and Sunday - one time per day.  I will post the times tomorrow so you can plan on attending.  It will be fun, informative AND you are supporting a totally Canadian venture!!!  That is very important if we want to keep the quilting industry alive in Canada!!!!

On that note - I am out of here. It is MONDAY and sewing day!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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