Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shame - SHAME on you!!!!

The day started out great - embroidery club and had a great time chatting with everyone. I was so excited - I got TWO more small blocks done.

My two blocks.  

I was looking through the box to see what else is left (only SIX more blocks, but THREE of them are that snow flake which is a pain with all those curves).   Then I realized that the tree should have been stitched in GREEN!!!!!!   Oh crap - I know it isn't a big deal - but ALL the other trees like that were done in green.  I thought about ripping it out - but no - I will just trace another one and do it again.  What a pain that I didn't pay attention!!!  So I still have SEVEN blocks to do.

Then off to the dentist and well - I hate the dentist! You think - "I am flossing more - using those little Soft Pics - I might not be in bad shape".   HOPE - going to the dentist is like a visit to the doomsday machine.  Very chatty and newly pregnant hygienist kept me entertained at the very least while she used that vibrating thing which I CANNOT stand. Breath deep - breath deep. Then we are onto the POKEY thing and all the while - she is saying - there is a lot of debris here.  Good grief - what is the point of flossing if there is still debris????   Does anyone get a glowing report from the dentist???

She asks all the usual questions - how often do you brush, floss, etc. Takes X-rays. Then the dentist comes in and the hygienist repeats your brushing and flossing story like you are not there.  And makes it sound like a BAD thing.  Shame on you! You don't brush nearly often enough and flossing - well the frequency you floss isn't even considered flossing!!!

BUT it gets even better - I have TWO cavities - one on either side of my mouth so they have to do them separately. Oh yippee.  

WAIT - that's not all!  I have three implants and this dentist feels that the bone around the implants is receding.  It has been that way since I got them. But anyway - he has wanted me to go to a periodontist for the last year.  I said NO. I decided to get the referral slip again and go. My dentist thinks I might need surgery - OH CRAP - almost fainted at that one.  To me - the location of those implants - right in the front upper is THE MOST SENSITIVE area and I don't think I can deal with needles in that area.  I need a drink!

I remember when I was getting the implants many years ago - I asked the dentist for something to relax me when he was going to do the needles. I had someone drive me - I was lying on the chair with a blanket over me - I was in LA LA land and just feeling great.  The SECOND the first needle went in - I was WIDE AWAKE like there was no drugs in my body.  Yep - they might have to put me out to do any surgery!!!!

Oh well - you do what you have to do I guess - but crap - teeth take a lot of work!!!!  

Back home and back to work.

I got the rest of the Amish with a Twist Series Two - completely CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the light and dark strips for the light/dark log cabins

These are the medium and dark strips for the medium/dark log cabins

The entire QUILT ready to sew - doesn't look like an entire quilt!

The leftovers - got to evaluate that - this was as per the pattern and as far as I am concerned - there are a few that had way too much on the requirements list. 

Then I looked around the studio and well - the mess is just HUGE.  I have been going to workshops and classes and prepping stuff and nothing was getting put away. And EVERY WORK SURFACE was a disaster.

The ironing board - couldn't even think of ironing anything

Now it is clear

OK - this was MUCH worse - so much stuff piled - there was just half a mat free to cut

A bit emptier - the few things on the cutting mat have to be put away. A task for later today

The sewing table - let's just say that the sewing machine was pretty much buried. Now it is cleaned off and there are TWO projects ready to sew. I can't take them to Monday as they need to be sewn on this machine. 

The rest of the stuff got dumped onto the big tables.
See what I mean - a HUGE disaster

I did a bit of packing in preparation of the upcoming sewing retreat. Reorganized the Monday and Thursday sewing basket. Put a few things away and well..............

It looks slightly better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  - I said SLIGHTLY!!!!

Made good progress on the custom quilt - almost done -will finish it this morning and then onto the next one. And let's not forget the paper work - why or why is there always so much paperwork!  Where is my secretary????

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!!!!!!!   (yes -to brush and floss) - going to have to carry that damn toothbrush in my back pocket just to prove a point to the dentist that regardless of how much I brush - he is still going to tell me it is not enough!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. For the first time in my life the hygienist told me I did a good jb and had only one small area in which I could do better. She even told me I could stretch out the time between cleanings! That was after years of flossing every morning. It was only after adding flossing at night, as well, that I finally got the nod of approval. TBH, my teeth don't feel clean without flossing now that I do it regularly. Sometimes I even do it after lunch!

    Love the colour palette for your quilt so much better with the red substituted for the mauve.