Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What happened at the retreat............... Part One

ACK - where is the time going?  I start to edit pictures and already had some edited from yesterday and then I was searching for stuff on the internet, making notes of things to do today and WHOA - where did the time go???   So I will show you what happened at the retreat over two days.  Let me rephrase that - I will NOT tell you or show you what happened - I will just show you what people accomplished.  We won't be sharing any secrets here!!!!!!!!!

It really was a productive retreat for some people.  Myself?  - I worked on FOUR different projects - one for each day. I got no where near finishing any of them, but I made significant advancement on all four and I am OK with that. But have a look at what some of the others accomplished............

Katheleen was working on Circle of Life by Jacqueline de Jonge.  She made significant progress as she now has all eight of those BIG arcs done!!!!!!!!!!!    

Tish got a top together made with Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements line of fabric - I just LOVE that fabric!!!!

Claudette made two pillowcases

AND got her NON-PRECIOUS pieces made for our machine quilting design class

Lynn worked on her Vintage Moments and then made these blocks - I think she finished all the blocks???

Tish made this Jack-o-Lantern from Happy Hollow.  Just needs to be embellished
Tish also made this flannel Hopscotch quilt
Sharron got a Chubby Charmer bag made
Claudette finished off a bag that she had started a while back
Mary worked on this orange quilt top and got it together - I just didn't get a picture of the final top.

See what I mean - there was a LOT of stuff getting done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the little cutouts from Sharron's bag.  I rescued them (they have words on them) from the garbage!!!!

Gorgeous fall colours in a rare moment of blue sky.  We had a lot of rain which suited us just fine

Do you think people have been forgetting their power cords?????  New sign by the back door!!!

Here is a picture of Sue Polera - the owner (with her husband Tony) of Thimbles and Things in Orillia. Sue was the guest speaker at the guild meeting.  If you are in Orillia - you MUST stop at the store.  It is light, bright, full of inspiration and well there is never a dull moment when you visit. And Sue is an AWESOME lady!!!!!

 And now for our wild life segment of the retreat......................

A rafter or gang of wild turkeys strolled right through the property.  They seemed to be hanging out in the woods behind the house. 
And what does one do when the wild turkeys are out?????   You get your iPad out to take pictures. 

 As usual we ate like queens at the retreat.

See the table is all laid out ready for dinner.  Ooops - that is just the desserts on the table!!!!!!!!!!!   I was curious about the jars? What is in the jars????
It was dessert in a jar.  Cherries or raspberries cooked with a chocolate base.  YUM YUM!!!!!

And I made (from SCRATCH - I know - who knew) apple crisp.  There wasn't much left after dinner!  Always a good sign! Even Mary gave it the thumbs up!

 On that note - I am out of here for today.   Got lots to do and I found a great quote about that yesterday which I will share as soon as I can find it again in the book I was reading.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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