Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Over drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a GREAT day at Monday.  I got a LOT sewn and I was very happy with the results.

So when I got home and looked at the studio - I thought - I had better just keep going - there is NO time to waste these days.

First things first - I reorganized the Monday sewing basket.  Took out anything that didn't need to be there (which wasn't much), but I am notorious for carrying a LOT of extra projects.  I think there are THREE projects in there so that is not bad!!!!!

My "AWAY" sewing basket 

I worked on two projects yesterday.   I decided to make a log cabin quilt - I know - like I need to make that, but I found it in a box I was looking through.  What do you think?   Nice colours????

Log cabin block - love the colours

Managed to make SEVEN blocks yesterday!!!!   Did you notice anything about the blocks?????

How about the size?????  Oh yes - these are teeny tiny! And I love them.   There are two guild shows this coming year (2015) and they both want minis for their mini quilt draws.  Maybe - just maybe I might be convinced to give this up.   I hope to make 20 blocks?  Or maybe just 12  - I'll see how far my scraps go.   OK - I am working with teeny tiny amounts of scraps!!!!

I got 18 gift bags serged and I tucked in all the thread ends and put fray check on them!!!   I watched 3 episodes of Quilting Arts while I did that.   Just have to sew the casing and insert the ribbons. 

Veronica was practicing her machine quilting and gave me her samples.  I serged the edges, tucked in the thread ends and put fray check on them.   They will make excellent pet mats. And now they are DONE!!!!   Thanks Veronica and by the way - her quilting is NOT bad!!!!  Not that I was looking. 

The second project I worked on yesterday was my curved piecing top that I started a while back for a class.  I got all the rows sewn together (after I finished making the blocks) but I didn't really press it well. When I got home - I gave it a good press. Drives me crazy to see things not pressed well.

Hard to see in this picture, but the row closest to the bottom of the pictures is NOT pressed well. The other one near the top of the picture is MUCH flatter. 

Again - hard to tell from this picture - but the bottom row is not pressed well while the top row is pressed pretty well.  Let's just say - the entire top is now FLAT!!!!

This is all that is left of that bright floral. This is the fabric that I had to buy in Europe and was pony expressed to Canada.  

Then I measured the quilt and I am not 100% happy with the size - 52 by 68.   I like my quilts a bit bigger than that. So I thought I would experiment with borders.

The top with no borders (there are no borders in the original)

|Don't like this as that red distracts from the vertical lines in the quilt. 
Can't really add an extra row of the vases to the bottom - notice the pattern is symmetrical at this point.. So can't really add one more vase to each row either.   Hmmmm - what to do - what to do?????

Decided to add three inches of green to each side and call it DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
I have the pieces cut, but not added on yet - I ran out of time this morning.

The green print is a stripe (which helps to accent the vertical lines of the quilt pattern) so I decided that making a bias binding was the best plan. 

Bias binding is half done. The strips are joined and cut - just need to be ironed in half

Let's see - Oh yes - I had a look at that work table last night and well - there is just so much stuff - I need to get it cleaned up.  NOT just move things, but actually make some progress on this stuff.   So in addition to the above stuff - I serged a quilt top together - made from plush so serging is better.  Can't show you though. Not yet anyway.

Then I serged some other Christmas related items which I can't share with you either.  Oh yes - I was in HIGH GEAR - no doubt about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the work table BEFORE I started to clean up

And this is what it looks like this morning. 

 I know - it doesn't look like too much got dealt with, but a lot got done.  The problem is that things take much longer than you think they will. And then I flit from project to project. I need to learn to stick with ONE project until it is done. If only that were possible.

OK - so you know how people do STUPID things???   I take the dogs out for a walk this morning and arrive back home only to find the back door LOCKED.  WHAT??????    Oh yes - DH decided to check to see if HE put the cover on the BBQ last night - NO he did not - but I did.  So he was checking this morning before leaving for work (while I was out with the dogs) and then the genius locks the door.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!   Of course all the other doors are locked.  Car is locked so can't get in through the garage and we don't had that keypad on the garage - besides inside door is locked as well.

M is home and I try to call her. I don't normally take my phone with me, but had it this morning. Of course - she turns her phone off while she is sleeping.    Hmmmmm - let's think. What to do?????   Oh crap - I had to resort to throwing rocks at her window which is right in the front of the house.  The first two rocks went way WIDE - I guess that is why I don't play football.  Then one of the neighbours walked by - GOOD MORNING!!!!!

Grabbed another small rock from the neighbour's pathway and TAP - that hit the window. Second one also hit the window - third one hit the side of the house.  OK - it is a LONG way up there.  Then I called M - she was awake!!!!   My rock throwing woke her up!!!   She came downstairs and rescued me and the girls.

I have a ``FUN`` day planned.    Yep - that would be a trip to the periodontist for a consultation and the dentist to get a cavity filled.  Oh yes - it is going to be FUN FUN FUN!!!!!   But I will also be at the quilting machine!!!!

On that note - I better brush my teeth well before my first appointment. Hopefully that will influence the periodontist to NOT advise any surgery.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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