Saturday, October 25, 2014

So close.......................

I haven't posted any pictures of the mall in a LONG time.  I was at the library yesterday morning and snapped this shot.

the BALL at the MALL!!!

I took a bunch of pictures from the inside - they are on my phone - I will e-mail them to myself so I can upload them here.  YES - I know I could do it from the phone. OH - maybe I will try that today.

I went downtown to the CreativFestival on the train yesterday and now I am realizing something.  While it may take a bit longer - it certainly is stress free. AND - you have a half hour to kill so then you could figure out how to upload those pictures from the phone to the blog.  Oh yes - taking the train has its advantages.

However on my way to the train, I managed to half snap off a thumb nail.  The way it broke - I couldn't just rip it off. And half of it was hanging so I had to get my nail  file out. Now I remember a certain someone (I won't mention any names, although he publicly pronounces his dislilke for this), but he HATES when women groom on the train.  I know - putting on lipstick, doing their eye lash crimping or whatever else.  I get that.  But as I was filing my thumb nail down - I thought - Thank God MARK is not on the train or I'd be all over Facebook!!!!!!    Sorry Mark - it had to be done or I was going to get a huge boo boo on the end of my thumb if that nail ripped off.

Got to see a bunch of friends yesterday but not many as I was in three different seminars yesterday. All of them were great and while I knew a lot of what they were talking about - I also learned something in each so that was a good thing.  And got loads and loads of ideas - as if I needed any more.  Also met a ton of new people.   Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus Carla and I did one of our presentations for QUILTSocial.  If you haven't signed up for QUILTSocial - you better.  I am kind of surprised at how many people have never heard of it yet. So our mission in life is for everyone to know about it.  If you haven't signed up - get your butt over there and sign up.

As I sat in the seminars - I knit.  YES - I knit.  In the first one  - there were two other people knitting!!!!!

One more square - DONE!!!!!!!!!!    this is number 28!!!!!!

OK - are we going to have bets on this??????    This is square 29 and there is one more to go after this.   Will I have enough yarn??????     

I have decided that I am NOT buying another skein.  I am so close - so I have a couple of options if I run out. Which I hope by this planning that I will NOT run out and there won't be an issue.

1. I will just make that block smaller and make the sashing bigger around this block
2. Someone will feel sorry for me (someone who has already made this afghan (like Tish) and she will say - OH - I have a small amount of that wool left over - finish your block with it.   We won't even care about the colour!!!!!!
3. Someone OTHER than Tish will have a small bit left over from a project (it is Noro Kureyon colour number 272)
4. I won't run out!

My money is on Number FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seminars all day tomorrow - so I am betting that we will know by Sunday evening the status of square number 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Have you ever seen me knit so fast????   Well not exactly knitting fast, but making fast progress. There is a difference.

Here are TWO events coming up in November that you might be interested in.  I took these from Quilting Connections Newsletter.

November 1-30
World of Threads Festival
Queen Elizabeth Park Community & Cultural Centre
2302 Bridge Road
Oakville, ON
Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6; Sun 12-5
Admission: Free
Featuring 97 artists from Australia, Canada, France, Hungary, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, USA. The Festival is one of the most vibrant fibre arts festivals in the world. We showcase contemporary fibre and textile art in all forms.

November 14-15
A Celebration of Excellence XII - York Heritage Quilters Guild
Toronto Botanical Garden
777 Lawrence Ave. East
Toronto, ON
Hours: Fri 10-6; Sat 10-5
Admission: $7 Advance tickets; $10 at the door

On that note - I have finish getting prepared for today and that includes getting dressed. 

Have an awesome day!!!


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