Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Scrap happy!

Super day at Monday.  So nice to see what everyone is working on and we had a FULL house - lots and lots of activity!

I did get a couple of pictures, but I was also trying to get some work done!

Tish added DENIM to those luscious TIm Holtz fabrics.  What a clever idea!!!! 

Judith was madly making yo-yos!!!!   Let's just say that she has a LOT of yo-yos to make.  Perfect to make at Monday when you have lots to distract you!!!!

OK - so I realize now why I don`t get the important things done - I don`t work on them!  I grabbed this project when I went to the retreat. It is NOT important, has no deadline and yet - I am drawn to the darn thing (after it has sat for months forgotten)

But with the work I did at at the retreat and yesterday - I now have EIGHTY blocks made!!!!    Wow - I was so happy. 

HOWEVER - I was hoping to use up the strips in the basket....................
Ooops - not even close!!!!
By my calculation - there is enough fabric in the basket to make another EIGHTY blocks.  Seriously????   Yes - I was shocked but that is true!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here are my little bits and bobs for the corners.  

Well - I guess I could just cut the eighty squares of muslin and then they would be ready????   I really really must work on getting other stuff done or I just sew more?????

And the other reason I don't seem to get a lot done is that I am too damn meticulous.  I serged those gift bags on the weekend. It is not enough for me to just cut off those loose threads (from the serger) - NOPE - I thread them all back through the existing seam and put fray check on them to prevent them from coming out.

All those threads are safely secure (three per bag - 30 bags) - I know!!!!

 BUT - I was watching Quilting Arts while I was doing it - so that wasn't a complete "waste" of time.

Now I am faced with THREE tasks to do today.  I have put all three off for a LONG time and I really must get them done.  I think they are playing with my mind and making me not happy.  SO I have to face the music and get them done - I feel that a lot of creativity is pent up behind those three projects.   Deep breath - deep breath - deep breath - OK - ready to face them. Well not until I am back this afternoon.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. I love making string blocks, too. So far this year I made 2 small tops with them. I'm currently working on blocks for Bonnie Hunter's String X. String blocks are my project for a monthly sew-in where I don't want to have to think about what I'm doing. No visible reduction in the scrap bin. Especially since I keep adding other people's scraps. Sound familiar?