Thursday, October 30, 2014

One more block bites the dust!

I managed to get one more embroidered block done during embroidery club. Slow progess as there are a LOT of curves on the block and I have to made FOUR of them.  Two are now done and two more to go.  Then there are three more blocks after that for a total of five blocks still to stitch. Before Christmas????   Maybe - but it will be tight!!!

Then off to my beginner class at Sew Sisters.  The energy in that room is incredible. Here are ten brand new quilters excited and ready to quilt!!!!   They did a great job on assembling their blocks and almost all the homework was complete and a few had assembled their tops!!  They will be quilting next time - I hope that won't slow down their enthusiasm. I didn't get pictures of their blocks - I should have!!!!

One of the students brought in this incredible bag that she had made.  She uses it to carry her sewing machine.

Giovanna's sewing machine carrying bag. 
She did a fabulous job on it and I am sure this is the first of many great projects.  Leanne went to the CreativFestival and bought a book. When she showed me the book - I had to laugh.  Guess what book she bought????

Yep - Here comes Winter by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks - my FAVOURITE AUTHORS!!!!

She is making a very cute project from the book and had made a great start on it.  Oh yes - these ladies are very keen and it is very exciting!!!!!

And let's not forget the label that Giovanna made for her bag.  So cute!!!!!

When I got home - I had lots of stuff to do and I managed to get little of it done!!!   Why? Because I was on the phone trying to get my mother-in-law's cable TV situation straightened out.  Oh yes - it appears that someone on the staff made a HUGE error and well I was on the phone for hours during various parts of the day trying to get it resolved.  Guess what??  Not completely fixed so I get to spend more time on the phone this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!   Doesn't even make sense to blame the COMPANY because obviously it is one employee that messed up!!!!

I did manage to get some more work done on my Christmas gift bags for the guild, my secret Christmas project (which I am happy to say I am working on and it is not even Christmas EVE!!!!) and I got this finished...............

One of my quilts - backing, binding and the top - DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's not forget that I started a new quilt this morning - an easy one and almost have the blocks done - told you is was fast.

Yep - so making progress - just not fast enough.  It is all the little interruptions in a day that mess me up.  Like being on the phone - I managed to putter with small things, but what a pain to just have to deal with stuff including my girls who want IN and then OUT and then IN and then OUT and not at the same time!!!!!

On that note - I have my critical list of THREE things (OK - there are FOUR on it) for today and I must get busy.   Oh yes if you want some eye candy - have a look at this web site - the winners from the Houston Quilt Show. And I know TWO of the winners!!! Yeah - Look at the third place winner in the Embellishment category and the second place winner in the Group category.

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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