Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Carol knows her dishes!  Remember this treasure I posted the other day............

My treasure I found at the Hamilton Quilt Show

I didn't look at the selvedge - I just filed it away since I have no time right now to make something from this fabric. Carol sent me a note saying that these designs are based on Clarice Cliff's designs.  Hmmmmm - I never doubt Carol, especially on dishes (I know - this is fabric NOT dishes). I dug the piece back out and look!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is the selvedge - can you read it?

How about now?

That is so cool.   But even better - have a look at the web site of her work - Clarice Cliff

Then I got poking around on the web site and there is a classified section.

Clarice Cliff classifieds

Wow - check out the prices for one LITTLE dish!!!!   Unfortunately no one is looking for the fabric. Maybe they don't know about the fabric?  Maybe I could make a tidy profit on it????   I will have to study some of her pieces to see if some inspiration comes to mind to make something from the fabric.

Yesterday was a TOPSY TURVY day. We are having some work done on the house (I'll show you in a couple of days - M is away in NEW YORK and I want her to see the work in person first).  The schedule got screwed up and they had to work on MONDAY!!!!   Seriously? - that's my sewing day.

They were supposed to be here at 8:30 AM so I could pop off to the church and open it for the rest of the group. They arrive late which makes me a couple minutes late to the church.  I took Milo with me since he would be running around like an idiot at home and probably go out the door and run away. Let's just say that that set the scene for the rest of the day.

I got home and Sparky had been standing in the living room BARKING her head off the entire time. MOM - there are strangers in the house!  MOM!!!!   THERE ARE STRANGERS IN THE HOUSE!!!!!   What a dog - she wouldn't touch them, but she let the entire neighbourhood know that something was amiss!!!!

I had to zip to Rona to get some supplies for the workers.  Well can't leave Milo here - too unpredictable, then Sammy wanted to come and well - then I rounded up all three dogs to take to the store. Of course - one would get in the car, then another escaped. Sammy and Sparky listen, but Milo - NOPE.  Let's just say that it was a bit of a circus. How anyone could cope with that every day (I'm  thinking of moms with multiple little kids).

Got back and rounded everyone up and into the house. Downstairs to get some work done. I had the best of intentions of sewing just as if I was at Monday. I never even turned the sewing machine on!!!!

I did some work on the QUILTSocial blog and between researching, taking photos and actually stitching a bit - there was no time for anything else.

I was upstairs and then I hear someone call my name.  Oh shoot - someone is here. Oh it is Mary coming over to drop something off.  So I visited with her for a few minutes. I love how the workers just let anyone into the house.

Then off to Rona one more time - bundled the dogs into the car. When I got home - I could NOT get that little Milo back in the house. One of the workers said that the owner of the dog had come by to pick him up. Thank GOD!!!!   When I finally captured the escapee, we had barely got into the house when it was time for Milo to go home!!!

OH MY GOD - now who is calling my name?  Oh that would be Susan -dropping stuff off from the Monday Mania group.  Does this day get any weirder?

Sparky was getting cranky by this time (she is OLD and was AFRAID of all the noise) and because the gate was open - she kept escaping so I had to trap them in a room in the house while I went to get a massage. I know - I was so tempted to cancel because of the total craziness of the day -but I went anyway!!!

AT LAST - two dogs inside the house, workers gone - peace and quiet!!!!  Still no time for sewing - I was back working on that blog.  It's not like my personal blog where I just write what I want - nope - I have to make the QUILTSocial blog interesting and professional - a far cry from mine!!  

A quick bite to eat and then off to listen in on a mayoral debate. YES - the City of Mississauga is finally getting a new mayor after 36 years of Hazel running the show. I got invited to this debate and because of everything that happened in the day and being behind - I was tempted to NOT go. However I thought as a citizen of this City, it is my responsibility to check out the candidates and this debate would help me make an informed decision on Election Day.

Steven Mahoney and Bonnie Crombie

It was interesting to listen to them answer the questions, throw digs at each other and rebutt each other's responses.  I will NOT provide my opinion as I think each person needs to make their own decision. This debate was televised live on Rogers Cable 10 last night (gosh I hope they did not scan the audience as I was sitting near the back knitting!!!!)   Anyway, the debate will be rebroadcast a number of times on Cable 10 up to Election Day.  If you live in Mississauga, I suggest you watch it.  It was interesting.

The only thing I didn't like was it was late - started at 8 PM - 10 PM and by 9:30 PM - I was fading fast.

Back home and despite the late hour (for me), I spent a great deal of time brushing and flossing my teeth!!!  My dentist would be so proud of me. And it would appear that they learn that negativity at dental school because I have heard from others that their dentists say the same thing.  Never "oh good - we see a bit of improvement" - always "ah - this is bad".

While I was hoping to do a bit more prepping before the retreat - this time tomorrow - we will almost be at our destination!   I have ended up just throwing everything into bags and if I run out of prepped stuff -then I will have to prep while I am there.  Somehow I doubt that will happen, but one must be prepared for anything!!!!

On that note - I still have a bit more QUILTSocial blogging to do and then off to teach a class.   Check out the link to get today's blog for QUILTSocial.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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