Sunday, October 12, 2014

Obsessed or is that possessed?

You would think after four days of solid sewing (well almost) that I would be tired of it and want a break. Nope - I came home and was more fired up than I was at the retreat. That has never happened before. I was so revved that I did NOT sleep much last night. I hate when that happens, but what can you do.

Mary and I were the last to leave as usual. It was time for us to leave - look how much thread I had left on the machine!  I was madly trying to finish off some blocks and I didn't know where my other spool of thread was. I managed to finish with this much thread left!!!!

Time to stop sewing!!!!!
It was a quiet evening last night - everyone was out and I took full advantage of it. I got all the retreat bags unpacked - I'll tell you about the retreat another day - let's just say that it was loads of fun and I can't wait to go back!

Now I was throwing stuff in bags before I left with NO HOPES of ever touching it. It would appear that I felt obligated to work on some of it last night. I started with this project................   oops - first this picture.

Look at this great scrap that I got from Linda.  I know - I collect all the scraps! Actually we collected all our scraps of fabric and thread and brought them home for Maria!  Hey Maria - got a BIG bag of scraps for your dog bed!  Linda was making a Charlie Brown Halloween quilt but I did not get a picture of it. 

OK - Now you can see what I worked on last night. And the reason I am working on this is because of Maria. She is sewing this at our sewing group (although hers is a coordinated scrap quilt) and I dug this bag of stuff out to show her. Well since it was out - might as well sew it rather than put it back!!!

There were two bags of pieces. I sorted through them and laid them out in a logical fashion so I could sew. I had no idea how many blocks I was supposed to make so I just kept sewing. It was easier than counting all the little bits. Although I did have in my mind that I was going to end up with 144 blocks, but had I done the math when I did the prep work many years ago?

This is the block - a triple four patch

When I started last night, I had 178 of these little four patches made up. All the teeny tiny four patches were done and the plain squares were cut.  I made 110 of those little four patches last night. 

So if you do the math - there is enough of those units to make 144 blocks (AHA - I had done the math when I did the prep - but NO NOTE in the bag - just my mental one) and I have ONE extra block and 37 extra little 2" squares of fabric. Those got filed away in the box of squares. Now I have to add the 3 1/2" square to make the big block (OK - it is a 6 inch block but you know what I mean).  I have it sitting out on the sewing table. Some of the 3 1/2" squares are cut - I will sew until I run out - then I'll cut some more.  Wow - I could actually get this done????

My problem is that I move many projects ahead and do NOT finish any!   I know - Prioritize, FOCUS, Win.

I did get some knitting done at the retreat - one more block done. And after I was finished sewing for the night last night, I got our my audio book and my knitting and am almost finished another block.

Did the count because I am not sure that I have enough wool to get 30 blocks.

There are TWENTY-FIVE in this pile. For some reason - I thought there were 24. Better to have one more than one less than expectation. 

Here is block number 26. The big question - is there enough wool left to get four more blocks????   Each block takes two and a bit of those balls. So technically I should be OK, but it might be tight. 

Here is another project that I worked on at the retreat. I threw it in the bag just before running out the door. It is a very scrappy project that has been in that basket for a LONG time.

This is what is LEFT after I have 48 blocks pieced. 

I had 16 blocks already done

I sewed THIRTY TWO blocks yesterday morning. 

I decided since I had so many scraps left over and the fact that 48 blocks would get me a quilt that measures 48 by 64 - I am going to make another 32 blocks (I know - I am just stupid!)  Anyway - then I won't need to put borders on and it will be about 64 by 80.  Could be a nice bed sized quilt for a child.  Or if there are more strips left over when I am done - I will make another 16 blocks and make two small children's quilts.

I cut 32 more pieces of muslin for the foundation last night when I couldn't sleep.

32 pieces of muslin for the foundation of the scrap squares

Hopefully the 32 blocks will use up most of the remaining scraps.

Mary and I were brainstorming on the way home about quilts for our next month's installment of the Mississauga Guild block of the month program. It technically isn't a block of the month. We are picking a shape each month and providing ideas for different types/styles of quilts that one can make with that shape. Month One was squares, Month Two was stripes.  And Month Three is ................    As if I would reveal that before the appropriate time!!!!!    But I have a couple of quilts to find - One I was certain I knew where it was and yes - it was there, but there are TWO different tops and I must have completed the top of the other one?  Got to find it. I dug out some supplies to make one of the styles that we have on our list.  Oh yes - these classes and workshops are deadly to my FOCUS!!!!!   Still working on completing the striped quilts.

I hope you were reading QUILTSocial while I was away and could not blog. If not - here are the links for Thursday and Friday.   You MUST check out Friday where I made this amazing thing with the sewing machine, a piece of ugly hand dyed and some thread.  I am so happy with the end result.

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On that note - I am out of here - got tons of piecing to play with today and I also have a date with the long arm.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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