Thursday, October 16, 2014

Don't worry - it will quilt out!

Yikes - yesterday was a crazy day!  Started off with spin class.  I was busy getting ready for class which starts at 6:15 AM. I leave the house at 5:58 (can catch the traffic light before it switches over to a different timing at 6 AM). Anyway - I am preparing my stuff when all of a sudden I remember that it is WEDNESDAY.  Since September, they have moved the spin class to 6:00 AM on Wednesday only.  Oh shoot - I am going to be late.  Wasn't my best spin class, but at least I was there!!!

Breakfast with the gym friends - oh boy - deaths, cancer, accidents - got to keep my distance from them!  BUT there is good news as well. Adam just completed his 11th marathon (Chicago).  Incredible!!!!

Back home for embroidery club.  Retraced that tree that I stitched in red two weeks ago - got it restitched in green this time.

TWO trees!!!    The one on the right is the CORRECT colour

I think there are still 6 blocks to be stitched but I am getting there. Just realized that next week I will be sitting in a LOT of lectures - hmmmm - stitching or knitting????   Knitting I think!   I'll be taking the GO train a LOT next week also - so maybe I'll stitch on the train and knit in the lectures!!!!  I have a T-shirt that I will post tomorrow - you'll see what my problem is. The T-shirt says it all.  And I promise to find that quote today as well.

Then TWO classes in two different locations - I got home at 10 PM.  Exhausted but exhilarated!!!!    I love teaching and we had so much fun in both classes.   Beginner quiltmaking at Sew Sisters and Exploring Free Motion Quilting at Brampton Sew n Serge!  

 I have been quilting as well. YES - no time for the wicked!!!!

Customer quilt - done!

Now here is a slight problem with one of the borders.  You see there is a bit of fullness there - not huge, but still there.  I have it pinned down well and when doing an overall design - I can't really see what is happening on the other side. So I pin well and pray!

It quilted up pretty nicely - just one little spot with a bit of a bump - once the quilt is washed - you won't even notice this and I bet if I didn't point it out - you wouldn't see it either. I also had to smooth out that wow on the left side of the quilt - Now it is straight like the rest of the quilt edge. 

The little bump!

Another customer quilt - done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a tip for anyone who leaves their power cords/foot pedal cords behind.  I saw this at the Free Motion class last night at Brampton Sew n Serge.  See how that pink cord is attached to the power cord/foot pedal and the stylus of the machine.  If you forget one - well - you certainly shouldn't!!

GOOD reminder for the power cord!!!

Gorgeous bag made by Margaret - she brought these in for show n tell.  I LOVE them

Another bag by Margaret

And LOOK at the attention to detail.  See how she matched up the prints on the pocket!!!   Impressive
And look at the cute little change purse I got from her!!!!   She also wore a bicycle T-shirt to tease me!!!  I'm off to Northern Reflections today to try and find one!!!!      Actually Margaret used to ride a bicycle, but we didn't get into that conversation last night - no time. 
Here is the reverse side of the bag  - don't worry - I am trading some fabric for the bag!!!!!

Maria - it is not just you who scours the garbage bin!!!   I was chatting with the students in the beginner class about what to do with scraps.  Then I looked in the garbage of the store (the girls were madly filling orders) and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Look what they were throwing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The scraps I rescued!!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of nice batiks!!!!!!!

Shoot - I thought I took a picture of another bag made by a student that was brilliant but I guess I did not. I will see her in two weeks and get a picture then. There is just so much talent out there - it blows me away!!!!

 Today is a quiet day!   HA!!!    Well I only have one appointment - someone is coming to drop off a quilt. I don't have to leave the house if I don't want to!!!!!

Have an AWESOME day!!!!!!!!!!


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