Monday, October 27, 2014


OH MY GOD - I am so pumped and so inspired - I just want to quilt and sew and never stop!!!!!

I took TWO lectures with Claudia Pfeil yesterday.   If you are NOT familiar with her work - check out her web site.  Her quilting is JUST FABULOUS!!!!!   And the secret???   Very simple elements - it is just how you combine them!!!   The same premise I am teaching in my class on quilt inspirations!!!!   WOW!!!   That was so worth going to!!!   And she is just the sweetest lady - and she is winning a prize at Houston - she doesn't know what - but she got THE CALL.   I am so excited for her.  The quilt that is in Houston is the last one on her web gallery (see the link above).

Claudia with her stitch outs from the two lectures.  She cut it up and divided it - I got FOUR pieces!!!!

I flitted around before and after my classes and got all my errands covered.  Well I think I forgot one or two things, but no big deal.

OH yes - so here is my correction.  When I was in one of the lectures, I was chatting to the lady beside me. Turns out she is the mother of Tracey who was the provincial rep for Ontario for the Row by Row Experience. They own the store We R Quilts in Prescott. We were talking about the new theme which was released yesterday.  H2O in case you missed my link.  Anyway - I said that Row by Row would be all across Canada and NO - they are still working out the details as to which provinces will be participating.  For sure Ontario will be doing it, but not so sure about the other provinces.  Sorry if I got anyone super excited about that.

And if ever you think your studio/sewing room is a disaster - have a look at this................

Oh yes - we might even need a fork lift to get this cleaned up!!!!

The result of many projects happening at the same time, limited time between them.  Well I am happy to report that I think things will be calmer?  Oh yes - I have to make them calmer so I can get something done at home.

And today is Monday - so I off to sew. Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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