Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What happened at the retreat - part two

Thank goodness for Judy's (the owner of MisBeehaven) thoroughness.

Tish arrived at the retreat last Wednesday and opened up her stuff only to discover that she left the power cord at home. Yikes - every sewist's nightmare on the morning of a four day retreat. BUT Judy to the rescue. A number of retreats ago, I remember scouting the place out and there is a SPARE sewing machine in the closet.  YEAH JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tish opened it up only to discover that the sewing foot was missing!  Not to worry - Mary had an extra that fit that machine and Tish was good to go!!!!

And despite the fact that she was on a different sewing machine - she was pretty prolific.
The borrowed sewing machine
Another top completed by Tish!!!   

Claudette - our sweeper!!   She kept that place neat and tidy. I wonder if she does house calls?????
 There was a LOT of bag making happening and Chubby Charmer seemed to be the hot bag.  I had one with me that Mary made for me, Mary had one that she made for herself. This is Katheleen's that she made for herself.

Katheleen's Chubby Charmer
 Sharron made one and well - it was a popular bag.  I do love it - it can hold a LOT of stuff.

Katheleen started and finished this bag for herself.  Apparently the first two she made were snatched up by family members and she had to make a third one for herself. 

Yes - it was a fun, productive retreat.  The weather was iffy - it would pour rain, then the sun came out, then there was mist, then the sun came out. I didn't take my bike because I knew from the forecast that the weather wasn't great. It was so much fun - heck - in my mind - I am already packing for the next one which isn't until April!!!!  OK - so I better just focus on the NOW.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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