Sunday, October 5, 2014

What's one more project?

An exciting class yesterday. We are creating inspiration journals for quilting designs. The class had to make a table runner that they will use to practice their designs. NO - they will practice their designs on paper first, then on a piece of muslin and THEN they will quilt their table runners.

I had loads of samples to show them and I think they are going to have fun this month while they work out the designs to make them their own!

Here are their table runners that they pieced.  (Only half of the runner is showing)

Diane - look how she used that striped fabric - TWO different directions!!!

Cheryl - this will knock your socks off - I LOVE the colours

Maureen - HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Ruth - bright and cheery!!

She took the leftovers and made a cool backing

Sharon - very soft very organic looking

Well - their heads were buzzing when they left the class. Can't wait to see how they quilt their runners!!!!

Then off to teach another class in the afternoon - Bargello.  The students got started on assembling the strip sets required to cut apart. We meet in one month when they start assembling the bargello.  No pictures of that, but look what I found. I have made a couple of bargellos, and still had the book in a box with FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!

A bunch of yellow fabric - hmmmmm - let's check this out

GREAT - half of the fabrics weren't even big enough for the project - they went back in stash basket when I got home

Since I was a quilt store - might as well see if I can get the range that I need - so I bought three fabrics

And now there is one half of my bargello.  

Yep - I could cut those strips - just seven of each - that is about a half hour job and I could have something else to sew at Monday and at the retreat.   Hmmmmm - tempting.................

And I was prepping for the class today which is Double Wedding Ring. Hmmmm - this is a barely started project. BUT - it wouldn't take that long to paper piece the arcs and get it together. It is JUST a bed runner (30 by 100 inches).    OK - so I did some paper piecing this morning.

There you have it - that is why NOTHING gets completed. I can't seem to focus these days. I MUST MUST MUST stop prepping things.  But I did manage to sew in that early morning time slot so that is a good start!

Well guess who is back?????   Yep - that would be Milo.

Sparky and Milo

It would appear that while Milo and Sammy still have a thing, Sparky and Milo have been having loads of fun this morning. Barking at each other - yep - BEFORE six.  I am sure that DH loved that. I let Milo sleep on the bed with me (GASP!!!!)  - well he was so cuddly.  Anyway - he cuddled for a bit and then stretched out beside me.  When DH came to bed, he didn't turn on the lights and Milo freaked out. Ran and pushed his body against my face. He almost pushed me out of bed. What a little pumpkin!!!!  |Scared of the big bad man!!!!

And he is a LIGHT sleeper as he tossed and turned at every little sound. Then this morning - I got up and was in the bathroom.  I heard him move and then THUD. And then nothing..  Oh my god - I think he actually stunned himself when he jumped off the bed. Normally he would have followed me to the bathroom.  It was dark and he must have misjudged the distance to the floor.  Poor thing - he probably gave himself a concussion if dogs can get one!!!!

He seems to be OK, but my oh my - he a little fatty since I last saw him.

On that note - I am off to finish prepping for the class |(I will try to NOT start yet another project today) and got to finish the next customer quilt.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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