Friday, March 24, 2023

A step forward

More progress is being made -- but it never seems fast enough. The tasks are getting completed, but are there enough days in which to complete all the tasks? 

Spring is definitely on its way, and I've now walked at least three mornings in a row with no hat! WOW! That's exciting, and the snow is melting like mad. 

I spotted this cardinal on the tree in the front -- not that they are a sign of spring, but all the birds are chirping like mad in the morning. 

A cardinal visiting the front yard

And look --- tulips and daffodils are coming up! 

Spring flowers are on the way

And look at the cool bicycle quilt pattern that Robyn sent me. Thanks so much, and since this is appliqued, it'll be easy to resize! I'll put that on my list!

Bicycle quilt pattern

Every journey, regardless of how big or how small, starts with a single step. But when you take too many steps, your shoes must be replaced. This is the pair of running shoes I purchased when I got back from Spain last year. I started to wear them in October, and they are LONG overdue for replacement. 

The SAD state of my current running shoes

I've meant to get new ones for the last two months, and there just hasn't been time (that is NOT an excuse), or I've been lazy, or whatever. Miss Murphy needed dog food as there was only enough for breakfast this morning, and there's a Running Room store near where I buy dog food, so I went in. 

The salesperson took a brief look at the side of my shoes and told me they were long overdue for replacement. YES -- I know that. And those shoes were NOT cheap. By my quick calculation, I've walked about 1,500 KM in them, and the average should be about 800 KM, so yes --- they need to be changed. But why should you change the shoes? Because the cushioning breaks down, causing issues with knees, hips, and back. The heel wear will change your gait, which also causes problems with your knees, hips, and back. 

DH has a weird look at things and says I cannot look at the total cost of the running shoe, but I need to look at the cost PER KM. OK -- so I got thirteen cents to the KM with that pair when I should be doing thirty!

I will say that the mesh on the toes, which I was very hesitant about, held up exceptionally well. They are New Balance, and I would repurchase them in a heartbeat. 

The mesh on the toes held up well

I put a tiny piece of duct tape on the inside of one of them, but they performed beautifully, but now it's time to retire them. They will be tossed as they are of no use to anyone in the shape they are in. 

Thanks to the salesperson at The Running Room, I came home with a new pair of running shoes. Yes -- it's time to start the research on shoes for the Camino de Santigo de Compostela (NOTE -- there is NO EL in that name! -- El Camino is in California!) scheduled for later this summer. I'm open to shoes of any kind -- well, I know what I want to try, and I WILL try them well before leaving. If I don't learn from what happened last year? I don't deserve to get back on the trail!

After a lengthy conversation with him, I stopped at Sport Check to check out trail runners and hiking sandals. 

You do NOT want to know how much those three pairs of shoes cost. And I'll just tell DH that I'm getting the maximum value per KM, and he won't say a thing! What's hilarious is that I have no issues shopping for running shoes, but dress shoes? Ick! I have one pair, and hopefully, they last forever. The running shoes? I need to get a new pair four times a year, so I had better like shopping for them. 

Three new pairs of shoes

I will try different socks, wearing them at different temperatures, and see what will work best for me. All the shoes weigh mere ounces which is fantastic, and they almost feel weightless! 

And it was hilarious as I was standing in the store trying on shoes, a gentleman came up and said he liked the shoes I had on. We got to chatting, and he is leaving for the Camino in April and told me I was a "silly girl" to go when I'm going because it'll be HOT. I know -- I like the heat. We had a good chat, and then he was off to buy shoes or whatever, and I needed to get home. Buen Camino, mi amigo! 

I didn't have time to shop for shoes, but I could not afford NOT to. My knees are giving me grief these days, and I suspect it's those long worn-out running shoes! Plus, Murphy needed food! 

So as I experiment with these purchases, I'll keep you in the loop -- only because it'll force me to think about the options. I have different socks to try or no socks, and I will NOT go unprepared again! 

These are only the TEST shoes; they are not the actual shoe I'll wear on the trip, as these will hopefully be worn out by the time I go. Anything to keep those darn blisters away! But I think the size and proper fit have more to do with blisters than the shoe. I could be wrong, but the only time I got blisters was when my shoes were ill-fitting. If only I had listened to my feet when the issue arose last summer! 

But here I am, one year older and wiser; I'll get this done!

Thankfully, I have nothing to change on my pack or what I'm putting in the pack, although there is one small thing I want to make, so I'll have to start hiking with the gear soon enough to test that out and just confirm that everything I have is what I want to carry. I'm adamant that I'll go with a pack weighing no more than 15 pounds. I'm not carrying more than that in the heat! 

I'm off to walk the girls and have so many errands; I'll try to accomplish a couple of them on my walk this afternoon. And I have FOUR Zoom classes this weekend, one today, and I have to prep for FOUR in-person events next week. ACK!!!! And none of that includes the TWO critical deadlines that cannot slip, although I'm making progress on one and NEED to be done by tomorrow evening if possible.

Remember the Etobicoke Quilt Show TODAY and tomorrow. I'm so envious of all of you who can get there and spend a few quiet hours. I won't have much time and must squeeze it between Zoom calls.  

And it's the Virtual Retreat this weekend as well. So be sure to stop by and say hi or sit and sew for a while. 

Saturday, March 25, Starts at 6 PM EST 

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Sunday, March 26 - Starts at NOON EST

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Have a great day!!!!



  1. I have a bunch of bulbs up in my front garden, they were up before the last 2 dumps of snow, now it looks like they are going to get a coating of freezing rain tomorrow :-( I am watching the robins pecking at the frozen mud this morning, sure sign of spring.

  2. My older sister loves her Hoka pair and I love my Altra ($140 US if that helps). I see some serious hiking in the near future to determine which pair in which your feet hold up. I will share that every marathoner I know ends with blisters regardless of the shoe and regardless of walking or running.

  3. So as not to confuse people the Virtual Retreat is Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th.