Monday, March 6, 2023

Just let it go!!!!

Sometimes you just have to let it go! 

Yep -- I had big plans -- by this morning, I would complete everything I needed to do. I'd have super-looking new T-shirts to wear and projects to show off, and well --- I don't. And I'm OK with that. I got a good part of it done, but not all. The world will live! 

I got all the homework follow-ups completed except one. I might get that last one or part off before leaving. 

Yes -- this morning marks the idiotic schedule that is my March. I was supposed to be off to a week-long sewing retreat this morning. Instead, I'm off to work at a meeting, but I'm OK with that as it's a networking opportunity, and there is lots of stuff to share. It would have been nice to have everything done, but that wasn't possible! 

Then after the day ends, I'm off to the retreat. I will have a "few" presentations to prep and present while at the retreat, but that's OK. It couldn't be helped, and I was too kind and tried to accommodate everyone. I know -- that is NOT the right thing to do because I have to pack the car with a ton of things, and I have to "give up" my sewing time to do the presentations. 

There is some give and take here, so I won't complain. I packed part of the car last night, and since I parked so close to the side of the garage, I can't open the back hatch, so I have to move the car this morning and pack the rest. It's all sitting in the hallway, ready to go, and if I forget anything, I'll make it up as I go along! Yes -- it's nice to have visuals, but sometimes you just have to talk through it with nothing but your brain! 

We had the MOST amazing sessions in the morning. One on EQ8 and the other on Digital cutters. It's so exciting to see the lightbulb moments in both classes. Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE to sew, but the fact that we can incorporate all this technology and software into the mix? I'm in there like a dirty shirt -- just like my Dad!

I should share some pictures with you, but not today. And I had a brainstorm last night. I still need to put some images into my presentations for this week, and how will I do that when I'm away? DUH --- all my pictures are on an external hard drive on my computer. Eject that thing and take it with me. Sometimes, I'm so dense, and then I have a lightbulb moment! I just have to remember to do that when I finish the blog. 

All I can say is thank goodness this wasn't my house, as this was the driveway of the house two doors down. But if you insist on putting your snow in the street, you can expect it to return and bite you!

A mess in the driveway

Speaking of houses, another house is up for sale on our street. And the price would blow you away! It's quite a fancy house -- well, it's been totally renovated inside, and they even excavated an extra room under their garage???? The basement is set up like a nanny suite, where the kitchen is nicer than my kitchen! It went up for sale on Saturday and had an open house yesterday? Perhaps they're in a hurry to sell. There's no sign outside, but how could they put one in with all the snow. 

Murphy is a good dog. This morning, she spied a raccoon on the fence "superhighway" across the back of the yard. It was early, and DH was still asleep. She was whining and making a fuss, but she did NOT bark! She has parked her butt by the backdoor, waiting until I let her out so she can find the raccoon. I suspect he is long gone. 

And why the Husky doesn't like being outdoors is beyond me, but Murphy adores being outside. 

This is so cozy!

When I went out for my walk yesterday, I had to laugh because the sidewalks are almost all clear, and for the most part, they are dry. But I came across two spots where the plow just stopped. There's a massive mound of snow, and you must walk around. That is my main path for my afternoon walk, but since I won't do that route for a while, it may be in better shape when I return. 

The path is clear, and then it's not

I'll be doing the afternoon walk, just not here. For some reason, when I started the current virtual challenge, I set a ridiculous goal of walking 1,094 KM in 84 days. Yikes --- what was I thinking? Well, I've done 43% of the distance in 40% of the time, so I'm even ahead of schedule. Hey --- when the weather is nice, and even when it's not, I cannot miss that walk. That's 13 KM a day! 

It's such a habit that it doesn't matter how busy I am; I NEED that walk. And usually, when I'm super busy, I'm "agitated and stressed." That walk is my coping mechanism to sort my brain out, slow down, and come to my senses, so I said, "you do NOT need to get all this done!". So I didn't. I returned from the walk and tidied up. The place looked respectable, and I was much happier. 

We're not talking rocket science here -- the work will get done, but there are only so many hours in the day, and I should NOT have to work 24 of them. See -- I am being reasonable!!

I got four quilts back yesterday, three from Diane and one from Rose. All of these went into the "to be quilted" pile. 

More community project quilts

Then I had some handwork to finish, so I watched a couple more episodes of Best In Miniature. Oh my gosh --- this is so much fun. Yesterday it was all about sewing minis. Bedding, pillows, etc. We're talking 1/12 scale, so that stuff is TINY!   I had a chuckle when I saw the sewing machine was branded Singer. It was interesting as I saw numerous shots of the sewing machines, but in all the others, it appears the name was blanked out, but not in this one shot! 

Sewing minis on the sewing machine

And that wraps it up for me this morning. I will drop off a library book when I walk the girls together. Then finish packing the car -- remember CLOTHES which is always the LAST thing I pack. Then I must dress up a bit, and I'll be off! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Is that a lime green possum on that quilt? It’s too cute. Murphy looks beautiful out in the snow. I hope you have time to enjoy your retreat 😻

  2. I entered my name above but it switched to anonymous 🤣