Monday, March 20, 2023

Progress on the UFOs

I'm going to have to do some research. Those following the blog by e-mail are dropping off -- I have no idea why it's not getting picked up. Remember, you can use a third-party RSS Reader to make it happen. is working. And what's up with the comments -- sometimes it works for people, and others it does not. I'll find an answer to both. 

Sigh --- some things are beyond my comprehension and my control? Well, we need to figure this out! 

I accomplished a lot yesterday, so I feel happy about that, and while I have a hectic week, I'm home all week, so I can squeeze in little bits here and there. I fall behind on the sewing part when I'm away from home! 

So how did the UFO projects go? I'm tired of my 150 Canadian Women quilt but don't want to abandon it, so I'm determined to get it done. I was supposed to finish the quilt top last month, but that didn't happen. I was going gangbusters and got one border together. When I went to put it on, it was too long by four inches! That's what a sliver of extra seam allowance can do. So one must always check that. 

Why didn't I? I was in a hurry and felt I didn't need to. And all I got was an ugly surprise at the end. So that border was taken apart and redone. This time, the border went on without a hitch. Then I worked on the opposite side. The clock was ticking, and I was tired, so I took a break. This all happened on Saturday. 

I had no idea what to do for the corners. Did I want to put something fancy in the corners? As the clock ticked down, I decided to go with plain corners. I managed the last border, and it was late on Saturday night. The final seam was pressed; I took a picture and went to bed!

But I'm happy to report that the top is done. I started it in 2017, so it's not that old of a UFO. 

150 Canadian Women Quilt top

Looking at the picture, I think I chose the corners correctly. The quilt will get a red binding and that will be enough to hold those corners. So yeah -- the top is done. My assignment for next month is to get the binding done and to piece the backing. Then it can go in the "to be quilted" pile, and I can choose another UFO. 

I think I'll be picking up some small projects for a while. These big ones can suck the life out of you. 

But even the small ones can be troublesome. For the second UFO class, I wanted to get the borders on this project - for the second time in two months. I didn't quite make it the previous month. Well, I got ONE of two borders on this time. It's not huge -- about 30" square at this point. This isn't technically on my UFO list, but it's still a UFO. 

The second border is on the quilt

That lighter fabric is where I had mere scraps left over, and it was a good color choice. It didn't take long, but it still took time. The final border is the fabric on the right, which is my goal for this month. Get that last border on. I should really focus and complete all that this week, and then it would be done, but I have something else that needs attention first, so this will get set aside - AGAIN! 

Then I have to design some embroidery for this small quilt, and I've got a plan - so I'll work on that. I could do that while away since I'll design using the mySewnet embroidery software. 

It's disappointing not to get more done, but one must let that go! I'm thinking of how much I got done and know that every little bit is one step closer to completing it. One must think about the half FULL glass, never the half EMPTY one. 

Three of five homework follow-ups went out last night, and the remaining two will go out this morning. Then I'm completely up-to-date with homework, but I have more to prep this week. Yep -- it's a never-ending cycle, but I'm OK with it. 

And to boot -- I'm in the process of finding NEW quilts to teach in the fall. That's crazy! I have some excellent suggestions from some people in the current classes, so thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions. 

I went for a walk, and yes -- I'm quickly making up the lost distance as I walked close to 15 KM yesterday! The plows were out in the morning, and the sidewalks were passable - no issues with slipping. Yeah! I spotted this in the afternoon. The cinema is not opening soon, as in within the next couple of weeks, but hopefully by the summer. Then I might make going to the movies a more common thing. 

Is the new cinema opening soon?

I am off to the gym. Yeah! It's been a while - perhaps I've forgotten how - but I doubt that. 

Remember that the Etobicoke Quilt Show is THIS WEEKEND - March 24 and 25, so be sure to put it in your calendar and get out to the show! If things keep going well, I might be able to eke out some time, but those Zoom calls are messing up my day. OH -- and I'm intrigued by the quilt on their poster. It's a scrappy quilt and looks terrific -- a lot of pale fabric in that one. 

Have a super day!



  1. Your 150 Canadian women quilt looks great. I think the plain corners was a good choice.

  2. Love your 150 Canadian Women quilt. What an accomplishment and it is beautiful!! Lynn M

  3. First love how the borders point into the blocks and the white corners are perfect. Second as an FYI my Norton has stopped flagging you blog as hostile :-)