Friday, March 17, 2023

OFF with her head!

I'm home! Gosh -- I can't wait until I say that for the last time - wait -- I can only say the last time this month because there are a few future trips in the works. Right now, my last trip of the year is scheduled for October. 

The trip home was uneventful; however, I have a bone to pick with airlines in general and perhaps Air  Canada directly. Why do they NOT ENFORCE the size and quantity of carry-on baggage? I get it that no one wants to wait for their bag when they arrive at their destination. Then bring a smaller suitcase! How many clothes do you need for a couple of days anyway? 

We were on a much smaller plane on the way home, and it took forever for everyone to find a spot for their suitcase. I had to put mine in the overhead bin behind my seat, which wasn't a problem. However, when people couldn't find a spot for theirs, I could see the masses eyeing my suitcase because it's tiny. And yes -- a flight attendant grabbed it and moved it. Where did she move it to? Under a bulkhead seat, across the aisle from me, and two rows back. In a spot where I would NEVER have found it if I had NOT seen her do it. YES --- my carry-on (and only) suitcase is small enough to fit under the seat! 

There was NO "excuse me" -- whose suitcase is this. It just got moved. And I would have been frantic trying to locate the darn thing as I would NEVER have thought to look under the seat two rows back. 

And let's not forget the guy who had a small suitcase, a backpack, AND a third large bag with ski boots attached. That should NEVER have made it onboard. And I will bet that Air Canada and other airlines do not want to enforce the carry-on rules, as they will cause a huge ruckus, and people will be unhappy. 

I had to laugh because the lady in the aisle seat in my row was the last person on the plane, and of course, there was no room for her bag. She stands there and says -- "this is my seat, but there's no room here for my bag." Did she think that we would leave a nice space for her? Sigh................

The next time you get on a plane --- think about what you are carrying. Does your carry-on suitcase fit in that sizer? How big is your backpack? How many bags are you carrying onboard? Think about your fellow travelers. Just go small. Pick what you want to take and then leave half at home. 

I had a window seat for the ride home, and there's LOTS of snow across the prairies. You can make out the meandering river on the left. Some of the rivers meander so much -- it's fascinating to see them from above. 

The meandering rivers from above

The girls were beside themselves when I got home. Murphy went nuts, and I took them for a quick walk. She barked almost the entire way; she was that happy! Oh, Murphy!!! Lexi was excited but not barking. 

As you know, my favorite spot in the backyard is the gazebo. 

The gazebo

And it has this pretty cupola on top with a weathervane. 

Cupola with a weathervane

Well, the gazebo had phase one of a facelift. I sent a note to our landscaper, giving him a list of things that need to be done this year. I swear, I've put his kids through college, and they have taken several vacations at my expense! 

They had a window to redo the first part, so this started while I was away. The cupola came off, and so did the second little roof. 

Off with her head!

We've been trying to figure out how old the gazebo is. We have lived here for 20 years; the gazebo was here before we arrived. While structurally sound, it needed a new roof as the shingles started to rot and fall off. The squirrels weren't helping the situation as they had made a lovely big comfy nest in the cupola at one point. We got rid of their cozy spot a couple of years ago. 

The original company that made the gazebo is still around, so they came over and got to work. The frame on the inside was still solid, so they only had to replace the cedar shingles. 

Installing a new roof

By the end of day one, the main part of the roof was on. 

New shingles on the roof

When I got home yesterday, they were almost done. 

Finishing up the roof

And now there's the new roof on the gazebo. 

Brand new roof! 

We weren't sure how easy it would be to work with the snow in the backyard, but they seemed to manage just fine. 

A bit of snow, but not an issue to work

Later this summer, it will get sanded and painted and look brand new. I can hardly wait for a nice warm day to be out there. Yesterday was a perfect day; I could have been out there, as it was glorious!

We also need some other work done, but supply issues need to be contended with, so I hope to get a quote, and then we will wait. That is the norm these days.

I did get some puttering done in Studio B, and while things are still not all back where they belong, it looks much better. I had a few things that needed to come upstairs. Don't worry -- there's nothing on the stairs now, and I ALWAYS hold the handrail as I come down, and I do NOT take chances on the stairs. 

Things to be put away

I had my lunch in the afternoon, and the girls were hoping for a tidbit. Lexi is quite subtle about the whole thing. 

Mom --- just hanging out here!

Murphy, not so much. 

MOM --- do you see me? 

Murphy likes to entertain herself with the blanket and the dog bed. 

MOM -- look at me!

Lexi is good with being outside. 

HEY MOM -- I need in! 

I spent most of the afternoon cutting out bits for the homework assignments for tomorrow's classes. I've already made good progress today, and I should be able to get everything sewn that needs to be stitched for tomorrow's classes. Plus, there is UFO on Sunday, and I still need to work on my projects. 

I also got some computer work done, so it's back to normal. There's no time to rest! And so much needs to be done before I'm off again. I won't even think about that, but I must keep up the pace for this coming week to have everything ready. 

Have a super day!!!!


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