Monday, March 13, 2023

Mom's HOME!!!!

 ACK!!! I'm supposed to be on a plane today. I told you it was a stupid month. 

WAIT -- it gets better. I woke up this morning to see that the flight was canceled. Then I got an e-mail from Air Canada, who conveniently rebooked me to another flight. Without even checking the details, I went ahead and changed. Well? Did I have a choice -- I think not! 

So I have to change planes, but I'm Ok with that -- it's not bad, but it means we get in late, and we still have work to do when we arrive. Sigh..................

And I was late getting up this morning, so you will get little to read. However, the GOOD news is that after a good solid night with that humidifier beside my bed, my throat feels 1000% better. There's still a bit of tenderness as I swallow, but nothing like the past couple of mornings. Like most people, I sleep with my mouth open, and the dryness in the air just rubbed that poor throat raw. Yeah!!!

Yesterday was just silly. Dede came back with me, but not all of her stuff fit in the car, but let me tell you that we tried really hard. I was going to take some pictures but didn't have time. Kathi took the rest of her stuff home. We chatted with Carol on the way home about all things embroidery. Then I managed to get everything out of my car and in the house and popped onto Zoom for a couple of hours. 

Yep -- it was a silly day. 

Let's say that the girls were happy to see me. Well, Murphy was to be sure. Lexi wanted to be right there, but she had her ears back like she was MAD! What a silly girl, so we had a couple minutes of snuggle time first and then snuggles with Murhpy, and then they were off to do their thing. 

Lexi desperately needs a brushing -- the poor dog looks like a wolf!!!!

MOM --- you went away and left me! 

But we did something crazy yesterday as if it wasn't crazy enough. We went for a walk AFTER dinner, and it was DAYLIGHT. How did that happen? Oh yes -- those clocks!

Hey Murphy -- in your face! I'm in front!

Well, Miss Lexi, for all her cuteness and innocence, just waved her tail in Murphy's face the entire walk, and I think she was pretty happy about it! Murphy is on a solid lead, so she can't get ahead. But they enjoyed the walk and were well-behaved - for the most part. 

And now it's off to spin class and then Monday sewing, and while the others are sewing, I'll be trying to pack and do some tidying up and taking some pictures. It's a never-ending circus, to be sure. 

Have a super day!!


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