Thursday, March 16, 2023

The path to nowhere!

Someone left me a note about how to unlock the Android phone. I'll have to try that -- I swear this lock thing happens ONLY when the phone is cold, and I mean cold in the temperature outside. Now, why is that? The phone was in my pocket, and I could snap some photos, but it locked after I had been out for a while. I breathed on the phone and my finger, which helped a bit. 

Let's not forget that it was minus 12 when I went for my walk, and I guess the phone was a sissy, and did NOT want to get out of my pocket to take pictures!!! It did work when I breathed on it -- once. Then it wised up and said, "NO WAY." 

Regardless, I got a few pictures for you. I went exploring a bit more, and it appears that it's this particular street that has no sidewalks. I found more bike trails around, so I decided to explore them. 

I love the fact that some of them just end. But a lot of snow had melted the previous day, so they were nice to walk on and had very little ice. 

The path just ends!

I went down a new path and came across this huge art installation called Hats Off. 

Hats Off!

I had seen part of it the day before and on the way to the hotel. Those hats are HUGE!!!!

Hats off Art

So the path I was on just ended. I was NOWHERE near the end of my walk, so I turned around and saw a sidewalk on the other side of the street, so off I went. Then I noticed a bike path in the direction of the airport, so I decided to head down that path. 

I scared a few birds along the way, but otherwise, I was alone in that field. 

The bike path

I had no idea how far the path went, but wouldn't it be nice to see? So I walked and walked and got closer to the airport, and I walked through this tunnel under the tarmac. That trail is a multi-purpose trail (MUT), not just for bicycles. 

Under the tarmac

And then it dead-ended in the cargo area of the airport. 

A dead end

I laugh when the paths just end, but it gives people in the area a beautiful and safe place to walk. There was another path that wasn't plowed, and I wasn't going there. But YES --- this entire path was plowed. I don't know why or how they even found the path to plow it, but it was a pleasant surprise. 

I returned to the hotel in time for breakfast, and then we were off to our meeting. I managed to get 11.5 KM in yesterday, primarily because of that walk. I have now lost all the extra miles I had walked, so I can't get behind, or I'll never catch up. 

Thankfully, I'm home for the next week, but the amount of stuff that has to be done will blow my mind, and I have one guild talk in there.

We WILL get through this month. I"m not worrying about the state of Studio B -- it'll all come together when I get home for good. 

So it's ridiculous o'clock this morning as I'm on my way home, and so far, so good with my flight. It's a 6 AM flight, and the hotel shuttle runs on the hour, so you can imagine what time it is. I'm NOT crazy enough to do the 5 AM shuttle. 

I'll have time to kill at the airport, but I want to read that book! Fatal by John Lescroart. And I'll see if I can do those Adventure Labs to get some much-needed points!

The meetings here went very well, and sorry I can't share any information! 

Wait until you see what happened in my backyard yesterday! I swear, whenever I can get a contractor to do some work, it's when I am away! 

Have a super day!!!!


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