Tuesday, March 14, 2023

A travel day

Sorry about the time that this post gets online. I'm in a different time zone, so I'll be later than usual. My brain also doesn't appear to be functioning since I landed, so if something sounds amiss, what can I say!

So my morning did NOT go as planned. I had an early afternoon flight to catch and was off to the gym. That's where I left the story. Then I realized I would be getting in quite late and had better find another direct flight. I was on my way out the door to the gym and thought I better take care of it BEFORE going there. 

Called Air Canada, and the phone was answered almost immediately -- WHAT? and I had a nice conversation with a young gentleman. He found me an earlier direct flight, so I got put on that one. Because the flight was canceled, many people were scrambling for alternative flights, so I got a crappy choice of seats. In the middle -- oh yeah! 

But he kindly put me in the bulkhead row so I would have more room. At first, I wasn't impressed as I hate not having my backpack close at hand. However, when I arrived at my seat, I thanked him profusely! More on that in a minute. 

It was 6 AM by this time, and I was going to miss spin class, but I wanted to avoid getting dinged for missing a reserved class which had happened before when there was no one at the front desk to check in my card. No big deal, but still. I decided to go to the gym and have a shower at least. I love the showers there. Hopefully, by checking my membership card, I won't get dinged for the class even though I didn't go. I'll chat with Joseph next week and let him know what happened. 

Then back home to have breakfast. I need to leave the house at 8:30, so you can see there isn't much time. I had NOT packed, and I had not even unpacked my backpack from the retreat. After a mad scramble, I got clothes and switched the backpack around. There is a huge difference in what one takes in a car versus on a plane. 

The girls got to go for a joint short walk. Thankfully, they don't know the difference, although one day, they will protest!

Used the Uber app (I had to reinstall that as I had not used it since I switched the phone), and I was on my way. I printed a boarding ticket since I didn't get one on my phone with all the messing around. At this point, I wasn't even sure I was checked in. Security was a breeze, and we did not have to take laptops out of our bags. Yeah!

Walked through the machine, and it beeped. What? Oh, crap --- left my cell phone in my back pocket. So I was through and on my way to the gate. 

I stopped to get a sandwich and some water at the takeout place. A lady in front of me bought a ton of food, and her card wouldn't work. She insists that there is NOTHING wrong with her card. OK -- I get that, but it doesn't work. Thankfully she had cash. Then I paid with my card, and it worked. 

Arrived at the gate as everyone was lining up to board the plane. Except they didn't start to board. Turns out we had to wait almost 30 minutes before that happened, and it seems we were missing a pilot! Once they got on board and did their thing, we could get on. 

But can anyone tell me why they book TWO huge flights simultaneously from gates that are right beside each other, and I mean in a corner. That seems to happen every time I'm at the airport. One was to Calgary, and one was to Edmonton! The last time, one flight was to New Delhi, and one was to Paris!

This was a HUGE plane -- the Boeing 777. Did you know that it carries 388 passengers? Yep -- and the plane was full. I arrived at my middle seat, and my heart sank. On one side was a rather large gentleman, and on the other, an elderly couple. That seat looked so small and uninviting. However, I pulled a few things from my backpack and sat down. It wasn't bad as the gentleman kept to himself even when he fell asleep. 

I read my book and slept on and off. I was good. There was zero turbulence on that flight, and before I knew we were getting ready to land. I called the hotel shuttle and had a 25-minute wait. Now while waiting, I did nothing. But here's where my head started to go to mush. 

If I had looked at the geocaching app on my phone, I would have realized that there are two Adventure Labs at the airport, and I could have done those while waiting and GOT much-needed points. So on my way home, I need to get to the airport in time to finish both of those!

I got to my room, and I was cold and tired, so I lay down for a nap and spent the entire afternoon between reading and napping. Did the thought of a walk even cross my mind? Nope!!!

Only when Trina knocked on my door did I think -- oh my god -- I never went for a walk. I guess my body was trying to tell me something. I needed more sleep, and I was good with that. Everything is set up for today, and I have time to walk this morning. But it was sunny and warm yesterday afternoon and would have allowed me to scout the neighborhood! There are days!!!!

I have to say that I'm engrossed in this book and it's the only one I have, so I better NOT finish it before the flight home, or it's going to be a boring flight. 

Then do you think I could connect to the WI-FI in the hotel? I've done it many times. Well, it helps if you go through ALL the steps, not just the first one. My brain is really fried, to be sure!!

That's it for me today!

Have a super day!!!


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