Saturday, March 18, 2023

Murphy's Antics

I should post homework pictures on the blog, but there always seems to be something else that supersedes that. Well, I'll see what I can do. I had a regular Zoom call and a short one, and everything was prepped and ready to go. 

I have three Zoom calls today, and for the most part, everything is ready to go. I have a little more sewing that I could do, and if I get time, I'll finish it. If I don't, then no worries! It'll all get done! Sometimes I laugh when I say that. How will it all get done when time is so limited? Somehow it does, or I'm able to fake it. But I have two looming deadlines, and there will be no FAKING either. So I'll be busy this coming week trying to finish everything. 

I also worked on my UFO project yesterday and made excellent progress, which I'll focus on later today. I do NOT want to forfeit money for the same darn project. Besides, I want the project DONE, and the UFO crossed off my list. So I'm going to focus later today. I'm happy to report that yesterday's progress went much more smoothly than last time, so that was a bonus. 

While I was outside chatting with the landscaper, Murphy was up to her antics. She was carrying around her stress bear, which is a backyard staple. She walked over to the pond and dropped the bear in the water. ICK!!! What a soggy mess. Then she grabbed it, ran to the snow-covered deck, and proceeded to rip all the stuffing out of the bear. When I went to grab the bear so I could throw it out, she grabbed it and ran. 

MOM -- you can't catch me! The bear is MINE! 

I managed to grab all the stuffing, which wasn't easy - white stuffing on white snow. And I'll try to nab the bear today. She's allowed to take another bear outside. I don't want my backyard littered with dead teddy bears -- one at a time! But what a character! Lexi couldn't be bothered with toys - she never was. Princesses do NOT play with stuffed toys or any toys for that matter. 

When I was finished for the day, I was sitting in the living room, and YES, Murphy had to be there. Lexi was flaked out on the couch in the family room with DH and wasn't budging! Murphy just has to play with her ball and LOVES to put it under the loveseat, so SOMEONE (ME!) has to get up and get it for her. 

MOM -- a little help here! 

And can you tell me what is so fascinating about that ball? 

MOM -- it WILL move! 

It has a crazy bounce, so she was waiting to see if it would go anywhere. What a silly girl!!

And when you're a dog, and it's too hot in the house, you do this. 

MOM -- this is the best!

She loves to plop herself in the snow, fully stretched out, so the cold snow is on her tummy. But look at those ears -- they are listening to everything I say!

AH --- here's some quilting show and tell. This is the mug I've been coveting! It's from Stitch by Stitch in Kingston, and was introduced to the world through her Advent Calendar. I was lucky enough to get the mug. One of the store employees is a graphic artist, and she designed the image. 

A great quilting mug!

The four quilts were made as samples and hung or are still hanging in the store. That is Heather flying among the quilts. Be sure to check out the website to see other very excellent graphics! 

Love the saying!

One exciting thing is the number of younger people opening or acquiring quilt stores or sewing machine dealerships. After meeting with several owners over Zoom or in person over the last couple of weeks, seeing all the energy coming into our world is super exciting. All I can ask is that you get out and support these store owners. Yes, you can buy from that big online (ANONYMOUS) store, or you can shop locally. Encourage these people that they are doing the right thing and that we want to support their business! 

And when you can have fun at a quilt store or a sewing machine store -- who doesn't want to be part of it! 

The inevitable happened. This is my status on my Virtual Challenge. I've fallen behind! 53% of the distance in 55% of the time. I knew that was going to happen. But -- I will not let this get me down. I will forge ahead and get back on track, and I'll get ahead! 

I'm behind!!!!

It's a minor setback, and given the travel I've done and being only this far behind, that's pretty darn good! I'm not worried in the least. 

Speaking of supporting local businesses, many quilt shows are coming up! The pandemic is over, and people are getting back on track. The first one is the Etobicoke Quilter's Quild on March 24 and 25 (near Toronto). This is always a great show. I hope to get there, but it's going to be tight. I have a couple of Zooms smack in the middle of both days, so while the show isn't far from me, I would have an hour at most? I'll go near the end when there are fewer people around. I don't want to be rude, but I won't have time to chat! 

Well, that's it for me. The first Zoom opens at 9 AM, and I must walk the girls. I'm right on schedule! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Gotta love Miss Murphy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I tried to post the other night and it just didn’t work. I’m glad your retreat went well and you are feeling better and home safe. You’re a good mama!🥰