Monday, March 27, 2023

My world has gone to the dogs!

It's Monday! One last week of this insane month! Well, it's one more week this month, and then the first week of next month will be crazy as well, and THEN I'm home for a while. It's all fun and games! One of the can't move deadlines is done! Thank goodness for that, as it allowed me to focus on other things yesterday - like the four presentations that need to be assembled (good progress happened), and I had to pack my sample suitcase, which is also done. 

Despite all that, yesterday was about the dogs and me! The first weird thing that happened was this. Miss Lexi came into the office, which is a rare occurrence, but she's becoming much braver, as she doesn't like rooms with doors. Then the next thing I knew, she was in this little closed area which is HUGE for her. This is something she would NEVER have done in the past. I'm unsure why she was there, but she stayed there while I wrote the blog. 

Lexi, the brave!

Then it was Murphy's turn to do something unusual. She and I went for a walk, and despite my prediction about the wind and leaves, she was pretty good. Until she sniffed a broken bottle and cut her nose! The look she gave me when that happened was hilarious, and I wish I could have got it on the camera. She basically said, "WTF? That hurt, and now my nose is bleeding."

Oh gosh -- we were near the beginning of our walk, and blood was dripping off her nose. I stopped several times to see how bad it was, but it didn't seem to bother her much. She looked a mess, although it didn't appear in the pictures. 

MOM -- I've got a nosebleed!

And then she got blood on her paw. But the bleeding seemed to slow down quickly, and she was OK by the time I got home. The bleeding stopped, and all the blood was gone from her fur. What a trooper!

MOM -- I'm wounded!

We had two great Zoom sessions in the morning, and these groups are so creative - I love doing the show and tell! The homework follow-up is done; however, I still have to prepare the follow-up from Saturday and send it out.

It was Virtual Retreat yesterday, with lots of great conversations, although I didn't participate as much as usual because I had work to do. But at one point, I carried my laptop around the house with my earbuds as I collected samples. 


Then this happened. Sorry about the long photos - my phone accidentally changed to a silly ratio. YES -- it was GAZEBO time! I couldn't help myself -- it was a glorious day, and I was out there several times. The girls were happy that Mom was outside, and of course, that involved some of their antics. 

Gazebo time!

Seriously? What is with this? 

MOM, I can't find my bear!

And I swear that Muprhy walks or sits as close to the pond edge as she possibly can - it's like she tempting fate that she'll "accidentally" fall in. 

And then Lexi decided she MUST go under the deck, despite all the mud.

Just checking for rabbits!

There was a gentle breeze, and the wind chimes were tinkling. This is why I paid a lot of money to have the roof repaired, and the gazebo will be repainted later this year. 

The wind chimes

This is my happy place; I could lie out there all day. In case you want to see the new roof from the inside -- here it is. 

The new roof from the inside

The pond is super full right now because of all the rain. 

The pond is full to overflowing

But the fish were out sunning themselves and having a grand time. I'm so glad we don't have to fuss with them. They live there all winter, dig themselves amongst the lilies, and are happy. I don't even feed them any longer. 

The fish in the weeds

Yes, and that Murphy -- if she wasn't trying to dunk her bear in the pond, she was carrying around big sticks. Or trying to get Lexi to chase her. She would taunt Lexi, then run like mad around the yard's perimeter. Lexi just watched from the gazebo, so Murphy would stop, tease her again, and then take off like a crazy dog. Lexi just watched the antics! That's a Husky for you -- if they don't have to expend their energy, they won't!

MOM -- I got a big stick!

Anyway -- it was a glorious day out there, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Then it was time to get back in the house and get to work. 

And Lexi? Well, what can I say about her? She likes to savor her food; if she could, we'd find stored bits of food everywhere. That isn't possible with Murphy, who thinks that ANYTHING outside Lexi's dish is hers. And then Lexi tried to hide kibble in the dog bed, but she's trying to cover it with the blanket in the dog bed, but she STANDS on the blanket, so it won't move. Oh, Lexi!!

Mom -- I'm trying to hide food

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to spin class this morning and back home to pack my clothes and office bag. I'll hang around the Monday group for a bit, but I need to work on those presentations. 

Have a super day, and enjoy the weather if it's nice where you are. Maybe you all need a gazebo? I'm so glad this one was here when we moved - I'm not sure I would have thought to buy one!


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  1. Oh my! I’ve said it before but again, you’re so blessed with your girls! Lexi must have enjoyed the den feeling in that space. Murphy is so beautiful and smart as a whip. Does she ever get in the pond and swim around? Sorry she got cut , that looks painful 😣! Love your backyard sooooo much 😻! The pond area, rocks, gazebo….I’m drooling 🤤!