Saturday, March 4, 2023

We almost lost the other dog!

For the moment, things are fixed here at our house. I should take a picture of the door, but with a couple of layers of duct tape and a piece of cardboard, that front door opens and closes with no issues. However, it must be locked to not pop open on its own, but I'm OK with that. No word from the lock company yet on a replacement part. 

And the dishwasher? Well, guess what I found in there. First -- I had to remove the lower rack and the strainer and scoop out the dirty water. Why does the dishwasher clog whenever we cook a tomato base dish? Ugh.

Cleaning the dishwasher

When this little strainer got cleaned the last time, someone very zealous pushed that lid so far down that I couldn't pop it back out. And because it was slippery, I needed pliers, but I got it open. 

The lid was jammed shut

And I found this inside. TWO pieces of that dish that DH broke several months ago. 

A piece of ceramic caught in the strainer

So then I cleaned everything out. Couldn't find anything significant regarding obstruction -- just a lot of small bits and hair! My hair. Sigh.................

However, then I reran the dishwasher and look -- NO F11. Yeah!!

The dishwasher works! 

Then it was down to Studio B to try and get something done. 

It's hard to tell in this photo, but it's in bad shape. I did get some stuff cleared away, so that was good. And yes -- there is one bag of stuff in the middle of the floor, and I need to deal with it, but no time right now. 

Studio B

My first thing was getting the long arm going, as I needed to quilt a quilt. Let's hope that this customer didn't screw up! OK -- so the customer is ME. And in all fairness, I CANNOT blame the customer for many of the issues - especially the last one I had, which was totally my fault. 

My quilt on the long arm

Lots of threads to clear off the quilt. Which, in this case, is expected since there were a ton of seams. I wish I had pressed it well before loading it, as I found some seams that could have been pressed better. But then I'm my own worst critique. When the quilt gets washed, or even now, you can't tell. I'm just super picky!

Lots of threads to remove

And I'm happy to report that I had backing and batting to spare when I got to the bottom. Yeah!!!

Backing and batting to spare

And here it is -- my version of BOHO Heart by Jen Kingwell is quilted. I'm happy I added that bit to the top and the sides! 

My Boho Heart quilt

Some people had their version custom quilted but seriously? That quilt is so busy; who would have seen any of the quilting? And let's face it, with HUNDREDS of quilt tops to quilt, I just need to get them done! I'm thrilled with an edge-to-edge. 

The other "fun" thing I did yesterday was this. I will say only what I got it up and running with little difficulty, and well -- I've got stuff to sew! 

Pattern projection with Ditto

I also had the embroidery machine fired up -- Oh yes --- it was quite the day. And I was working on something so adorable. 

The place got even worse as the day went on. Notice my sewing machine isn't even in its usual place. It's somewhere on the floor, and I immediately took over this space. In case you wonder what's going on --- I have six weeks of those Zoom classes, some new toys, and a few samples to make, and they are all happening now. In a couple of weeks, that will all be done. 

The sewing table is NO longer a sewing table

I had a lot of fiddly stuff to do by hand, and I spied this new show on CBC Gem called Best in Miniature. I love MINIATURES of any kind, and I have three that I should share with you one day. So as I sat and fiddled, I watched three episodes. 

Making minis while watching a show on miniatures

You can see the little thing that I was fiddling with. As I worked, my pieces got progressively smaller, which was perfect to be doing while watching a show about miniatures. 

The fiddly bits got done! Yeah - but only after I had multiple pairs of scissors for trimming and hemostats for turning the pieces. I hope to get the "things" completed today. But I also have a few garments to sew, and we know everything takes longer than you think it will. 

Plus --- we have a massive amount of snow to move this morning, and I'm in denial! No -- I want to just ignore it, but that won't happen. I have a Zoom call this morning, but thankfully, it's on Zoom, so no snow date required! We start the Barn Quilt Sampler this morning, and I'm excited!

We went out for dinner last night at 5:30. No snow, but when we left the restaurant at 6:30, the "blizzard" had started. 

Of course, the dogs wanted to go out. Well, Murpphy wanted out, and Lexi lay on the sofa. Murphy must have come from Finland or Sweden. She plopped herself down in front of the fireplace, which was hot. Then she asks to go outside and plops in the snow. 

Murphy enjoying the snow

And if she had stayed out there much longer, she would have been buried. 

Still lying in the snow 15 minutes later

This picture was taken yesterday when we only had a little snow. Does that Husky look happy? I think not! 

MOM - I hate it outside!

I think she's mad because Murphy doesn't want to play with her, although they did play for a bit. 

Hey MOM -- what are you looking at? 

And this is what it looks like now. A veritable winter wonderland, except if you have to shovel. I will NOT be walking the girls this morning, but they don't know yet. I am not trudging through a foot of snow, and I'll wait for the plow to pass. 

A winter wonderland - NOT! 

Well, that's it for me. I'm off to shovel. Oh, joy! 

Have a super day, and stay safe! 



  1. The projected image on the ditto looks great, nice thick lines. Sometimes I am projecting just a A0 print file and the lines are not the best, all depends on the pattern designer. Looks like you got a bit more snow than we did in Waterloo, did you guys get the thunder? Your boho heart looks amazing.

  2. It is beautiful! Hopefully light and fluffy for easy scooping :-)

  3. Your bright quilt is beautiful! Oh, sweet Miss Murphy! That’s hilarious she’s still lying there being covered with snow ❄️! I tried to comment last night and it wouldn’t work. Wanted to tell you I wish I had your girls, you are so blessed to have them ❤️