Sunday, March 26, 2023

How tidy is too tidy?

Leaps and bounds of progress are being made. Well, not exactly, but I'm closer to getting everything done. I have a couple of hours of editing, and one of the critical deadlines will be done! I worked on the second critical deadline project and might get more done today. Then it'll get set aside until next weekend when it becomes my only priority! 

The Zoom calls went off without a hitch yesterday. And the two presentations for this morning are ready to go! Being organized and having a system works amazingly to making this all happen. 

The one thing in the back of my mind is that one presentation I need for later this week. I'll be taking pictures and doing some computer work today. I know it's a Virtual Retreat, but I can't be there the entire time. I'll pop in every hour for about 15 minutes just to take a break from the computer. 

I have a suitcase of samples that needs to be packed, so it will be a busy day. 

So what is with this weather? It was a crazy day yesterday. I looked out the window and saw the rain and looked at the girls, and they said, "Don't be a sissy - we WANT to go for a walk!" So I got bundled up and wore my rain boots. I didn't take an umbrella, as it can be a hassle when walking the dogs, especially Murphy. Let's just say the umbrella wouldn't have helped much. 

I was soaked when I got back from Murphy's walk. At least my pants were, and I could have wrung water out of them. So much water was in the fabric that it was dripping into my rain boots! 

Soaked right through

I took Lexi for a walk, although a wee bit shorter, as we ran out of time. She didn't notice. By this time, with the wind and the temperature hovering above zero, I was starting to get a little bit cold. Once I returned to the house, I changed into my PJs and confess that I stayed in them all day - even on the Zoom call! 

I glanced out once or twice during the day, and it was still raining hard, and well, I didn't need to go for a walk that badly! Yes -- I missed my walking goal yesterday, and I'm OK with that! 

OK -- I'll also confess that I have a morbid thing with houses under repair in the neighborhood. This house was damaged by fire a while ago, and what's with the repair thing? They've been working on the roof for weeks. And it's now left in this state. Seriously? Why can't they finish the peaks? While the windows in the front of the house are somewhat boarded up, there are no windows in the back. The entire place must be a sodden mess. 

A house under repair

I get that they build houses in all kinds of weather, but I don't think I'd want to live in a house if they couldn't do the repairs efficiently. What about all that moisture in the house? Mold? Nope --- just sell it and move on! Or get the repair people to move faster! No one is living there at the moment -- obviously!

When I got back with Lexi, they were wet and HAPPY. It took Murphy a long time to dry out, while Lexi just went and sat on her mat and was OK with life. 

Resting from the walk!

Murphy likes her new toy, as she had a wrestling match with it during the afternoon. 

MOM -- this new toy is fun!

MOM -- look at me pull the toy

MOM -- there's something in there!

MOM -- what's this? A squishy bit?

There was no damage to the toy yet, but she was determined to get the nose off the little creature living in the mushroom! Oh, Murphy -- such a silly girl. Right now, she's outside. Doing what? No idea, but she's happy as a clam in the mud.

MOM -- there's a knob thing I need to chew off

Article in the newspaper

So you are all probably familiar with Marie Kondo and her decluttering methods. She wrote books, had a television program, did the tour,s and basically lived as a minimalist; she made a lot of money and made a lot of people very anxious that they needed to live like her. Guess what? She had no children. The ball has dropped since she now has children - three of them. I bet her kids (and her own) T-shirts are no longer folded and all pointing upright so you can see them. She also grew up in a culture where people lived in tiny spaces and were unfamiliar with North America's "abundant" lifestyle. 

The author of the article was a neat freak until he had kids. 

I do not know why we are so ready to compare ourselves to someone with a different lifestyle than us. Why? My sense of neatness and orderliness is MINE, and while I can offer tips, I can't make you change your habits. I read one of Marie's books, looked at her suggestions, and had a good laugh! No way that's happening at my house! I'm lucky if I can get the clothes back in the drawer. Never mind folding them and putting them in order. That is not going to happen in my lifetime! 

Which is another reason why less is more. The less you have, the less you have to manage, or the neater it looks if the clothes don't make the drawer! My sewing room is another matter, and I like neat and orderly (more or less) as it helps me to find things. 

I think we could all do ourselves a HUGE favor and STOP comparing ourselves to anyone else. And STOP looking at all those staged photos on Facebook and Instagram. Most of those photos are either "stupid" or staged, neither of which interests me. And since there's more and more of that on both platforms, I don't spend much time on either, as I don't want to waste my time. 

So while our houses should be somewhat clean and neat, you only have your standards to live by. What works for me won't work for everyone. Although I'm still determined to get rid of most things in our house by the time we need to downsize. And it will happen -- I've made HUGE leaps and bounds in progress, but just not enough time to get it all done. It's an evolving thing. I don't want my life to be saddled with JUNK! 

I did NOT make it to the Etobicoke Quilt Show as I had work to do, which I did. So while I'm sad I missed the show, I'm happy I got the work done. 

Remember, today is the Virtual Retreat! I'll be in and out as I take breaks during the day. 

Virtual Retreat  - Sunday, March 26   -- Starts at NOON. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

Well, it's time to brave that wind this morning. At least it's not raining, so I'll stay dry. Let's pray there are no loose leaves around - one of Murphy's favorite things is chasing leaves in the wind. Which is fine, except when she's on the end of a leash! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. How tidy is too tidy? For me, that would be the sterile white wall w/nothing on them, white sofa, 1 table room, 1 lamp room. Even though I am highly organized and everything has it's place and is there by bedtime, our home is very lived in. Lots of pics on the walls. Lots of handmade art-by me, family, friends or purchased directly from the artist. Anything used frequently is out in view such as handweights 5/10/15, my stability ball, and of course my quilt studio is in full view, no doors and only a few containers.

    I've helped others declutter many times. 1 person wanted a 4th annual go at it. I said, we've done this 3 times and each year it's back to here. I think you need a certain amount of clutter to feel comfortable. Do you really want your home to look like mine every day or does this feel better? We've never done it again.

    Each person has to LIVE in their home and it needs to feel good. I can't live in piles, and others want to come dump stuff on my counters and in my studio. To each her/his own! ENJOY your space and if you don't, you need to change it up and try something different. Not because a writer said to but because you're not comfortable in it.

    Happy Sunday ya'll!

  2. Elle, what a loving friend to point out, gently, that she didn't have to live like you. You gave her permission to live her life, her way.
    I read Elaine's blog to keep me encouraged and not as a blueprint. I grew up in a house with 2 parents and 5 siblings. So 8 people with one bathroom. Our house was
    clean, but cluttered. I need a certain amount of clutter to be
    Still, I work on not becoming a hoarder. I am currently reading down my books. Also, I am going through my patterns and fabrics to donate those I won’t use.
    My family knows that I am not collecting any of the things I used to collect. (Mugs and angels)
    Now to sew down my stash!

  3. Tidyness is always a bit of a struggle in our family. My husband was raised in a minimalist home where his parents were always tidying up behind him. I was raised in a very full busy home full of stuff and memories or clutter as my husband calls it. We have for the most part settled on what I call lived in minimalist. Except my sewing space which is very much full of colour and inspiration but with tidy efficient work spaces.