Wednesday, March 15, 2023

It is NEVER cold in Calgary

I had to laugh several times since I arrived. Torontonians would fail miserably if they had to live in Calgary. Calgarians are TOUGH, as no one seems to dress up for winter! In the airport, many people were wandering without jackets. I get it -- their coat could be in their luggage, but even though it was a cold day, no one seemed to mind. I saw airport office staff outside with no jackets, and no one seems cold. 

Now at the hotel, people are in and out without winter gear. And some of them are even wearing shorts, shoes with no socks, or short sleeves, and I haven't heard a single person say, "oh, it's cold!"

So when I walked with my hat and scarf, I must have looked a sight! But that's OK -- I like being warm, and my body doesn't easily adjust from inside to outside. And while my colleagues complain about how hot their rooms are, I have an extra blanket on my bed!

And I overheard someone in Toronto saying they would warm their car up for 10 minutes! That is not legal in Toronto any longer. I just checked. In Ontario - you get ONE minute of idling - after that, it's illegal. Trying to reduce emissions!!! And this consumer report says that your car will warm up FASTER when driving rather than letting it idle, again lowering emissions and saving gas AND time. 

All of us noticed the no jacket thing, so whenever we are eating in the hotel dining room, which looks out the front, it's interesting to see what people are or are not wearing!

I went for a walk in the morning, and it was a challenge to find some sidewalks. And I wonder why their roads are not melted down to the pavement, as the streets are covered in snow. But I did find sidewalks, which made it much easier to walk. 

A somewhat clear sidewalk

So I followed the sidewalk until it ended. 

Until it ends 

Seriously??? There was a nice sidewalk, and it was plowed, more or less. Then it just ended! I got a chuckle out of that!

I have a couple of other random photos for you this morning. If you think people wear flip-flops in the locker room to prevent transferring icky foot diseases -- think again! This is why we wear flip-flops. 

Thank goodness for flip-flops

The gym provides disposable razors. So why is it so hard to take the cover off and throw it in the garbage instead of on the floor? The covers are clear, so you can't see them. This is NOT the first time I've spotted them on the bottom of my footwear. 

While I was away last week, my Saskatchewan panels arrived. Yeah! I really like it. 

Saskatchewan panel

And I got some coordinating fabric as well. 

Plus coordinating fabric

I asked a couple of the stores attending the meeting about the panels, and NO ONE seems to know where the panel came from. There is nothing on the selvage, and it isn't widely known. It would appear that someone made up the panel, had it digitally printed locally, and it went to a few stores!!!

Very strange, but I'm glad I have mine! 

While packing my backpack, I found this in the front pocket. Good grief -- I've no idea what those are, so they got tossed. If I had any medical need for pills, I would die within two days for not taking or respecting medications. 

Random pills

And just the other day, I spotted a video on IG of recycled art, and one was made with pills, and it was STUNNING. I am trying to find the darn thing to share with you. There is tons of art using pill containers; I'll never use enough of those to make anything! And I'm good with that!

I try very hard when I'm away to maintain my somewhat healthy lifestyle - good eating habits, walking, etc. And thank goodness I'm very independent because, with a few exceptions, I'm the only one in my crowd. But I'm OK to march to the beat of a different drum - that's what makes me - ME!

I spotted other things on the walk that I wanted to take pictures of, but my darn phone would go into that mode where you have to double unlock it to prevent accidental calls. And when it's cold, my fingers won't register on the screen. I've since unlocked the darn thing, so hopefully, I can get a few more pictures today. And it only seems to go into that mode when it's cold! I have no idea why. 

On that note, I'm out of here. 

Have a super day!!!


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