Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Backyard happenings..................

Yesterday was a glorious day. The temperature was double digits, the sun was out, a gentle breeze - it was awesome. Too nice of a day to be inside. I decided to walk to Streetsville to see the Remembrance Day parade/ceremony.  I took lots of pictures and will share them in a separate post. Next time - I take my bike.  Gosh - I am not sure the distance, but it took me over a half hour to walk there and I am not a slow walker!!!  Let's just say I was tired when I got home and needed a nap!!!

Well - it wasn't only me who was out - those dratted squirrels are testing me. Taunting me...........

HEY LADY - what are you looking at?????   
 Those two squirrels were having a blast playing with each other on top of the trellis.

Do you see how he has his feet wrapped around the top of this feeder? And merrily helping himself. I brought that feeder in until I have figure something out with it. 

And while I was standing at the window waiting to take a picture of a bird - this little pest just ran across the deck and jumped to the feeder and scampered to the top.  I put a pail on the perch they jump from for this one, but not sure that they can't still jump.  I shall be monitoring the situation!!!!

A couple of shots of the forest behind my house. I even took the shortcut to get to Streetsville.  The shortcut being through the forest. 

Another forest shot. So beautiful

I have decided that when I die - I want to have a memory bench - but not just anywhere - NOPE - I want my bench to be placed in front of a quilt store!!!!   Or in the forest!!!!   Wouldn't that be cool to have a bench and you could go and "visit" your friend. Of course - maybe my friends will all be gone by then too!!!

Let's just say that I took it very easy yesterday.  After I got back home and had lunch - it was after 1:30.  I was tired so had a nap, read a book and then OH MY GOSH - it is getting late (like time for dinner!) and I still have a quilt that had to be done. Thankfully it was an easy one and I got it done in no time.

This is one of mine and I wanted it for my beginner class today. I have always wanted to try just straight lines. The only problem with doing it on the long arm - you better make sure that quilt is loaded STRAIGHT.  I don't think I did too bad - I think my lines were 1/8 inch out across the length of the quilt. I can live with that for this quilt - but need to work on getting it exact.  I had to line up the quilt twice as I stitched in one direction, then took the quilt off the machine, and reloaded it to stitch in the opposite direction.

My quilt - DONE

Hard to see in this photo, but there are lines in both directions. 

I hope to spend more time experimenting with quilting designs on my quilts. What works and what does not. Anyway - I am having fun with it and that is all that counts.

And for those that want to learn a bit more free motion - check out this link elow. It leads to a blog hop on free motion quilting. And also publicizing a new free motion quilting book.  Yikes - there are so many now.  It is crazy and seriously people - MAKE YOUR OWN.

Free-motion quilting

Now how do you do that????   Go to quilt shows and take pictures of the quilting that you like and also what you do not like.  No need to get the entire shot of the quilt - just the quilting elements you like and dislike.

And if you want go to a quilt show now - there is one this weekend. A Celebration of Quilts XII by York Heritage Quilters Guild. November 14 and 15.   I'll be going on Friday!!!

Well time to get work today.

Have an awesome day


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