Saturday, November 29, 2014

Behind the scenes

Yep - it is my turn to write the QUILTSocial blog this coming week. And I had the BEST intentions to get those posts ready a long time ago. But NO - I am now behind the eight ball yet again.  I haven't been slacking off either!   So the long arm is on hold for a couple of days and I am back taking pictures.

When I write my CRAZQUILTERONABIKE blog - I just run around the house willy nilly and take pictures or I snap pictures of people in classes or sewing days or whatever. I don't care if there is a lot of stuff in the background (for the most part), I don't care about the quality (well I do, but not so much) and I randomly make up topics!

However when I write the QUILTSocial blog - it has to focus around the sewing  machine that I am reviewing, it has to be professional looking and well - it just has a different flavour. Oh let's not forget that the two blogs do NOT sit on the same platform.

This week - I will be chatting about - well I can't tell you that yet, but have a look at what happened in my studio yesterday.

A bit of shifting!  OK - that was a LOT of shifting
Ooops - sewing table - GONE
Thank goodness everything (or most) is on wheels
More shifting

I think you will really enjoy the topic for Monday's post.  And after my class that I am teaching today - I will be back at the blogging process.  I must say that I really really enjoy it - just not the deadline. I must make myself a false deadline - but I never fall for that trick!!!!

As part of my picture taking process, I needed a model. Let's just say that it is hard to hire help around here. Let's rephrase that - hard to hire SERIOUS help!!!!!!!!!!!!    Look at her - we did have a lot of fun with it!!!

Oh look at me - I'm quilting!!!!

Looks like someone was tickling her

Yes - a wardrobe change and still laughing!!!!

What a kid!!!!   Well it was fun, but I need her back to redo two of the pictures. Silly kid - why does she have to disappear when I need her!!!!!

After today's class, I still have FOUR more classes to teach before the end of the year. Then the pressure is off for a couple of weeks. Yeah!   Some classes require a fair amount of prep - especially if they are new - like today. And others don't require so much because I have taught them so often. We are going to have loads of fun today.  I think they are walking out of the class with about FIFTEEN quilt designs - none of which require a pattern. Oh yes - fun fun fun!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!


Oh yes - a medical update!  My Mom is still in the hospital. No longer on any monitors. No results from the tests that happened last Tuesday. Doctor doesn't want to send her home until he knows the results which could take WEEKS.  Let's just say that the situation can't be too serious or is it???  I would also say that they can't be wanting the bed for someone more sick than Mom.  The thing that worries me most is that Mom isn't complaining about going home or not having anything to do.  Hmmmm - what is all that about???

And I am happy to report that I sucked up the torture and used the foam roller and my tight IT band for the most part is gone. OK - so I am in denial. It is no where near gone, but feels a lot better after diligently foam rolling it to death. I can actually put a bit of weight on it now. However I have a feeling that something else is wrong - something that suspiciously sounds like sciatic pain. ICK!  Now how do I make that go away???

Sparky - she seems just fine!!!!    No more whimpering, but she isn't allowed upstairs and she does come downstairs once in a while, but the lights have to be on.

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