Friday, November 7, 2014

Research and I need YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK - technically I don't need YOU, but I am looking for some information. OK - actually I want your OPINION and I know everyone likes to give their opinion.

There are TWO subjects

1.  Quilting workshops ( at a quilt store OR through the guilds OR private classes)
2.  Programs at guild meeting (including speakers, demos)

Let me explain a bit of the background here. For years I have heard quilters who want to hear BIG NAME speakers at their guild. You know - the ones that are booked for years in advance and cost a gazillion dollars to bring in. For years - I keep telling people that we have loads of local people who are very talented.

I have a couple of questions for you.  I am mulling several ideas in my head and I wanted to get some feedback from my readers and there are a LOT of you.  Feel free to pass this link to others so they can respond as well.  The more feedback, the better the research and the better the END PRODUCT. Trust me - we will all benefit from the END PRODUCT provided I get some feedback. No feedback - you can't complain later!!!!

To start, I will develop some planning tools and  I will be using your feedback to develop these tools. This information will be used to give me some direction with my idea. If there is no feedback, then I don't move forward .

So look at the following topics - you can answer the questions specifically or write me a note about what you like and dislike.  I don't care what format - give examples if you can as that will help to illustrate the situation.

Guild meetings
What do you like for programs - speakers, demo night, guild members speaking, show n tell?
When a speaker comes - what topics do you like? - a trunk show of their work, a theme (like colour, scrap quilts), or teaching a skill - like colour theory, applique
For demos - what type of things do you like?   New tools, techniques?
What do you dislike about speakers
Do you have the name of anyone that you like or dislike (again - all this information is strictly for my eyes only and NO names  - (yours or the names you suggest) will be published.

Guild workshops
What do you like for workshops? Techniques, project
Pick a recent workshop you did  and what did you like or dislike (yes - even if it was one of mine)

You can make comments on the blog if you wish (you can leave them anonymously) or send me an e-mail with your comments.

Again - I wish to make it very clear that NONE of the information you provide will go beyond my research.

Click the link to my e-mail, send me your comments.  PLEASE put FEEDBACK in the subject so I won't miss any of the information.

Like I said - I will be using this information as research into a couple of projects I am planning, but I really really want to know what you like and dislike.  I do NOT care where you are located - I imagine that the information will be relevant anywhere.

Thanking you in advance!   I can't wait to hear from you!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


PS - check out QUILTSocial to see the results of my FOUR bobbin challenge.

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